July 31, 2018

Project Management for Manufacturers

6 Steps to Successful Project Management for Manufacturers

Step 1 – Define & Plan

The first step in project management for manufacturers is to either create a new project from scratch or start with a template for a similar project. Make sure you include information on expected hours, materials, planning constraints, billing-scheme and attachments. A Gantt chart is perfect for viewing your new project. Don’t forget to take in to account any constraints and dependencies, departmental capacity, material requirements, labour, milestones, invoicing and delivery dates.

Step 2 – Price Your Project

Now you know what you need for the project, you can work out what it will cost. You should have everything you need to quote for the job. Don’t forget to add an up-lift margin to material and labour costs, or to the overall project cost.

Step 3 – Work assignment

When you know what needs doing you can allocate jobs to departments, machines and people. This mean you know who and what are busy plus what resources are free to work on other projects.

Step 4 – Material Management

Work out what materials are needed to complete the project. You can then see what you have in stock and what needs to be ordered.

Step 5 – Time Registration

Keep a record of how much time the project actually takes. If you know exactly what was done and how long it took it will help you when you plan the next project.

Step 6 – Project Invoicing

Decide how you want to get paid for the project. Do you want down payments, a percentage of completion, milestone or time & materials? Keep track of Budget v Actual costs plus Work-in-Process so you know how changes to the project impact your profit.

The SolutionAI ProjectPlus

AI ProjectPlus has been specifically designed for project management for manufacturers who operate across a mix of trade, service and projects.

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