Access ERP v SAP Business One

If your company is looking to reduce the costs of running Access ERP and you’d like a more flexible solution to manage your business, then maybe it’s time to consider SAP Business One.

SAP Business One has been specifically designed for SME’s to help them manage their whole company from within a single system. In fact, it’s currently used by over 70,000 companies globally and is the world’s leading ERP system for this market and has a 95% renewal rate.

SAP Business One is:

  • Affordable – because it’s been developed specifically for SME’s it’s been priced with your budget in mind
  • Cost-Effective- with much lower renewal costs than Access ERP you’ll save money every year
  • Flexible – whether onsite or in the cloud, running on SQL or HANA ,we can find the best fit for your company

Ochiba OPTIONS SAP Business One add-ons

SAP Business One is a flexible solution that will grow alongside your business. Plus, it can be modified to work alongside the unique processes your business requires for your industry.

Which is why we’ve developed our range of industry specific solutions. Our unique Ochiba OPTIONS range of SAP Business One add-ons are designed to be quick and easy to deploy to make sure you quickly benefit and see a return on investment.

We also offer software from specially selected partners to further enhance SAP B1 and the Ochiba OPTIONS range.

Why choose SAP Business One?

Brandon James, Managing Director, Brian James Trailers Ltd

“We chose SAP Business One because we wanted flexible product configuration, integrated with our sales and manufacturing, along with the ability to build and manage an efficient and effective dealer network.”

Paul Morewood, Manging Director, DURO Ltd

“With the implementation of SAP Business One we have been able to reduce stock holding by 15% whilst achieving a 20% growth in sales. The project has been such a success that we expect the payback on investment to be less than 18 months!”

Steve Graves, Director, Austin Hayes Ltd

“The Ochiba team worked closely with us and really took the time to understand our operators wants and needs. They invested time in listening to us which really paid off and meant they delivered a fantastic solution.”

Claire Presland, Director, Alerter Group

“We have worked very hard to launch, SAP Business One, company-wide with thanks to Ochiba. The system will help bring all elements of our business together, from admin and accounts to our engineers out on the road. We see this as the next logical step to help with our continued success.”

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So, if your company is looking to reduce its ERP renewal costs, maybe it is time to consider a more comprehensive solution.

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