eCommerce Solutions for SAP Business One

The Aphix Digital Platform gives you eCommerce solutions and mobile apps which integrate with SAP Business One. Plus it will connect you to various digital marketplaces from one secure and robust platform.

The Aphix Digital Platform is trusted by over 250 customers and is the world’s most flexible digital ordering platform. So you’ll have a truly scalable solution to help you start your digital journey and grow with your business.

The Aphix eCommerce solution helps B2B companies such as wholesalers, manufacturers and B2B companies sell online through your own branded WebShop, customer portal or Supplier Portal.

The Aphix’s B2B mobile ordering apps work across devices and puts live data in the hands of sales teams and customers, with the result that all orders go directly into SAP Business One.

Trusted by over 250 customers!

“We’ve signed up new trade customers and have gained entry to new markets. So, we can now reach customers where our field reps previously could not. eCommerce sales now represent almost 30% of our global sales revenues and 60% of all new business is online.” Simon Grennan, MD, Quality Tractor Parts

“We are extremely happy with the smooth rollout of both SalesRep and WebShop. The planning, implementation, launch and ongoing support from Aphix is excellent!” Paul Canning, Head of Sales, Pharmacy Supplies

“We no longer have staff spending time re-keying orders, so they can now focus on more important things. The Aphix Platform saves us substantial time and money as a business!” Liam Moore Alpack

“We’ve gone from wheeling around vast amounts of catalogues in large briefcases, to walking into a customer with our entire catalogue on an ipad. That along with live ordering straight into our back end systems. It’s 100% better!” John Cunningham, Creative Stamping

Integrated eCommerce Solutions

The Aphix eCommerce solution has been created specifically for B2B, wholesale, manufacturing and distribution companies. Plus it has grown over the years to meet the needs of retailers too!

The apps work across all devices, on mobile and tablet, and are 100% scalable. So your customers can access real-time product and account information, as well as place orders directly into SAP Business One.

Customer Portal

The Aphix Customer Portal will give youa secure place where your customers can manage their accounts. They’ll be able to view statements and invoices, as well as place orders instantly.

Web Shop

With the Aphix WebShop you’ll have an award-winning eCommerce solution which allows both B2B and B2C companies to sell online.

B2C eCommerce

The B2C eCommerce solution is mobile-friendly, scalable and provides real-time integration with your SAP Business One system. It also enables you to sell to multiple global markets and grows with you.

D2C eCommerce

Transform your manufacturing company into a selling machine with this eCommerce platform. Start selling faster and smarter directly to end-consumers online.

Integrated eProcurement Software

Our eProcurement suite consists of multiple solutions that streamline and automate your business’ procurement process and help you sell smarter online.

The Aphix eProcurement solutions are easy to use, mobile-friendly. scalable, and can help your company build a better customer experience by giving them access to real-time product and account information as well as online ordering directly into your ERP, 24/7, 365.

And the best part? They are all a part of the Aphix Digital Platform, a cloud-based SaaS solution.

Order Punchout

With Aphix Order Punchout, you can simplify your customers’ procurement process by allowing them to access your eCommerce store and place orders directly from within their procurement system.

Supplier Portal

The Aphix Supplier Portal solution integrates in real-time with SAP Business One. It provides access to document status, account status, payment dates and more. It will streamline how your business interacts, communicates and manages suppliers.


Throw away your paper catalogues and with it, all the costs and hassle associated. The eCatalogue solution is fully customisable and accessible 24-7, 365. So your customers and website visitors always have real-time product information, pricing, stock availability and images.

Uniform Management

The Aphix Uniform Management system is a robust SaaS solution that integrates with your supplier’s ERP. This means you can bypass manual ordering and see real-time availability of clothing and apparel from the suppliers. So when an order is placed it goes directly into their system to eliminate manual data entry on their end.

ERP Integrated Mobile Apps

Empower your sales reps and customers with the Aphix Mobile App suites. Whether you need a sales rep app, van sales app or customer app, Aphix is a one-stop-shop to get them all.

The Mobile App solutions work across mobile devices, on tablets or smartphones and give your sales reps and customers access to account information. They can also place order directly to your SAP Business One 24/7, 365 days a year.

Sales Rep

Empower your field sales with Aphix SalesRep app so they can showcase your catalogue. They’ll have access to images and descriptions, customer-specific pricing and account information, as well as be able to place orders in real-time to your back office systems. All with a few simple taps.

Van Sales

The Aphix VanSales app for van sales provides real-time product, stock, pricing and customer information. The app is built for iOS and Android with both online and offline access, the app gives your team the power to deliver products and complete orders on the go with ease.

Pocket Shop

PocketShop is a branded B2B customer mobile app that allows your customers to place orders 24/7 365! It can be used both online and offline and can save you time, money and the hassle of re-keying orders taken by phone, fax or email.

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