July 6, 2021

Launch Your Augmented Analytics Journey

How to Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to turn data into Insight.

The latest revolution in analytics is augmentation. Augmented analytics introduce rich new features for discovery and prediction directly into your daily tasks. This means that users can reveal insights without data science training. So, rather than spend time exploring data you can now spend it choosing and executing the best course of action.

As a long-standing SAP Business One Gold Partner, we’ve experienced the analytics journey alongside SAP. In the past, reporting and business intelligence were notoriously expensive and difficult to achieve. However, we’ve now reached a point where AI makes these things both easy to achieve and very cost effective.

The brave new world of augmented analytics is driven by Artificial Intelligence.

SAP Analytics Cloud give you complete and contextual decision making support. In fact, you can deploy it to help all users evaluate options and move forward with confidence. By augmenting analytics with AI make machine learning possible through familiar business intelligence and planning workflows. So, by exposing new features gradually, in context, users can reach deeper and broader insights with just a few clicks. Gone are the days of having to wait for data collection by IT or interpretation by data science experts.

In the analytics world, you no longer need to master various types of syntax to query different types of databases. With augmented analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud you can simply ‘chat’ with your data. Through this ground-breaking approach to natural-language processing, SAP Analytics Cloud removes the need for cryptic queries to deliver insights. You can search and analyse simply by asking questions the same way you would approach a colleague for information: conversationally. The software “answers” as a trained expert would – by offering appropriate images and explanations created for you on the spot.

For example: A senior manager looking at existing data wants to know the final total of last year’s revenues across regions and products without trying to find a specific chart they vaguely remember seeing somewhere. When they type or say “Show me gross sales by region and product” into the search box, they’ll immediately receive feedback in an up-to-date and easily readable graphic.

Highlighting Contributors to the Performance of the Business

Once you know the top-level answer, you then want to answer the “why” and “what” questions. These answers help you identify the people, products and processes that contribute to the what you’ve revealed.

SAP Analytics Cloud gives you information on what factors influence the success or failure of your KPIs. So, you can reveal what contributed to a specific value or variance. The algorithms running in the background provide a set of suggested visualisations ranked by how likely they’ll be relevant to you. You can choose to add any or all of them, along with text explanations generated in natural language.

Uncovering Insight you couldn’t reach before

The next level of discovery in your augmented analytics journey shows you the relationships in your data that you previously needed a data scientist to get to. It can automatically build a machine learning model which is trained on history and is specific to its analysis of your data. It will deliver an overview of key points, a list of key influencers, a table of unexpected values and an interactive what-if simulation. So, you’ve essentially initiated self-service machine learning by letting the data speak for itself and reducing the unavoidable human bias that can obscure important truths. You can investigate correlations and trade-offs among various dimensions in your data and reveal the statistics behind the drivers of your KPIs at a new level of sophistication.

If this is not where your business is at, what are you waiting for? Call 0114 299 9430 to launch your augmented analytics journey.