Augmented Analytics

Augmented analytics help everyone in your organisation make decisions with a new level of confidence – without IT intervention or data science training.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can harness newly accessible artificial intelligence and machine learning to delve deeper into your data than ever before. It will provide you with insights which are in context and natural language to give you a deeper understanding.

So, you don’t need to have special data-mining skills to easily discover and display patterns and trends previously hidden from view. Above all, you’ll be confident in your analytics which means you’ll always make the best decisions to fuel your growth.

Augmented analytics means:

  • You’ll spend less time collecting data and more time making confident decisions
  • Your critical information is easy to gain by natural-language processing
  • You can find previously hided insights automatically with machine learning
  • You’ll become empowered with easy and accurate what-if simulations
  • You can discover recommendations for the next step

The first step in your augmented analytics journey means you’ll become self-sufficient in revealing insights. So, you can devote more time to taking the best course of action.

This is possible thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) in SAP Analytics Cloud. By augmenting analytics with AI, you can introduce the concept of machine learning through familiar business intelligence and planning workflows. It shows you new features gradually to give you a deeper insight into your data with just a few clicks.

In the past you had to master various types of syntax to query different types of databases. However, with augmented analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can simply ‘chat’ with your data. Through natural-language you can initiate search and analysis simply by asking questions the same way you would a colleague: conversationally. Which the software  “answers” as an expert would – by offering graphs and explanations created for you on the spot.

Search for Insight

To begin searching for insight, you simply need to ask a question. And then SAP Analytics Cloud answers you with the relevant data and trends so you can drill down for further insights to help you make the best decision.

Once you know the answer, then you want to know the “why” and “what” questions that have arisen from it. The augmented analytics will show you exactly what has influenced the success or failure of your KPIs. The algorithms running in the background present you with a set of results that are automatically ranked in order of likely relevance

Patterns & Trends

The next step in your augmented analytics journey will you take you even deeper into your data.

By using by SAP Analytics Cloud to group data in clusters you can uncover previously hidden patterns and trends. Which means you no longer need a data scientist to find hidden relationships.

Machine Learning

You can use machine learning trained on what has happened before to create a ‘story’. This story will include an overview, a list of key influencers, a table of unexpected values and an interactive what-if simulation. By doing this you’ve essentially initiated self-service machine learning! And by letting the data speak for itself you’ve reduced any human bias that could obscure important truths.


The final stage in your augmented analytics journey is prediction. By learning from your historical data you can predict what is most likely to happen in the future.

SAP Analytics Cloud gives you the power of AI by putting machine learning to work to automatically. It will let you quickly and easily see likely next events so you can focus on implementing your latest augmented analytics discovery.

As you collect new insights you evaluate the quality of the predictions you’ve made. You can then select the most appropriate historical data on which to fine-tune the models. By continually augmenting your existing business intelligence with reliable and trustworthy insights you’ll improve your business performance.

Insightful Tools

The classification scenario in SAP Analytics Cloud works out the likelihood that a specific event will occur. Which means you can focus on protecting or increasing your return on investment. Or, you can use the regression model to isolate which key variables trigger a specific event.

While the time-series analysis and forecasting features, let you create models that predict the future for segments of your data. It will help you look at factors such as seasonality and geography to expose trends and let you see regular changes in performance. Plus, you can add other variables such as weather, promotions and deadlines to train the model to predict in even more detail.


SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Intelligence is available from only:

  • £27 per user/month (minimum 5 users)
  • or £574 per user/month for Concurrent Sessions (in blocks of 10)
    • – 1 unit equals 1 block of 10 users which can stay logged in simultaneously

Online Demo

Discover how SAP Analytics Cloud makes use of conversational AI, automated discovery and predictive automation to revolutionise the process of turning your data into insight.

See just how easy it is to become your own data scientist with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide business intelligence and planning workflows faster and deeper without any human bias.