May 8, 2019

Coated in Success – SAP B1 for Manufacturing

We’ve worked closely with Austin Hayes to integrate SAP B1 for manufacturing into their operations. As a result, they now have a solution to drive both the production side of the company, as well as, the day to day business.

Steve Graves, Director, Austin Hayes explains why they picked SAP Business One and how Ochiba’s approach has revolutionised their business.

“Five years ago, we decided to upgrade our accounts package and conducted an in-depth study what was available. The MD at the time was from a financial background and knew the difference that the right software would make. The accountants wanted us to go down the SAGE route but our research led us to SAP. We realised SAP Business One could meet our business needs better.”

Austin Hayes

“Then, two and a half years ago Austin Hayes underwent a management restructure. We realised it provided the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at our operations. Both myself and Nick Eagleton are from a production background so we knew there’d be a huge benefit from making SAP Business One integral to our production process.”

The Ochiba OPTIONS Range

Dave Worsman, Managing Director, Ochiba stated, ‘The Production add-on used by Austin Hayes is part of our unique Ochiba OPTIONS software suite. The OPTIONS range includes a number of unique SAP B1 for manufacturing add-ons which can’t be found anywhere else.”

“Our team of consultants and developers are our greatest asset. We’re committed to making sure we deliver quality solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations.”

Steve agrees, “The team worked closely with us and really took the time to understand our wants and needs. The time they invested in listening really paid off and they delivered a fantastic solution to meet our production process requirements.”

As, Austin Hayes are specialists in product refurbishment and protective surface coatings, the paint solutions they provide have to include large reports. These reports have to have batch numbers and codes for the certificates of conformity for the work. Ochiba created a specific industry leading Coating Specification Solution which has really impressed their customers.

Quality Reporting Screen for SAP Business One

“Austin Hayes may be a small industrial company based on the outskirts of Leeds, but now they have a market leading solution.”

The system has meant that lots of processes have been streamlined and both customers and suppliers are seeing the benefits.

Save Time and Money

Nick Eagleton, General Manager, said: “By saving Austin Hayes time and money we are now able to utilise our people better.

“They system means our operatives have a better understanding of the business and what is required of them. As a result of this we now have a better working culture. This improved understanding means that our team really gets to grips with the customers’ requirements. Therefore, resulting in stronger relationships based on great service.

Shop Floor Data Collection

“We can now collect real time, accurate data from the shop floor. This SFDC means that we can see exactly who did what on each job. So, with a clear view of costs its means we can provide more accurate quotes. It also helps us to identify areas where productivity could be streamlined. Streamling operations has helped us to reduce costs and maximise profit.

SFDC Add-on for SAP Business One

“Another positive outcome is that we’ve seen an improvement in our cash flow. We can now invoice companies on dispatch. As a result we’ve improved ordering by making it more efficient and effective. Suppliers are also being paid quicker and this has benefited the SMEs that we work with.

“Our improved processes are also helping us to meet our environmental goals. The reduction in paper and printing alone is huge.

“As a business we are also able to plan better. Due to the data we have being stronger, business planning and forecasting is easier and more robust.

“This has only been made possible because of Ochiba’s approach. They took the time to really listen to us and understand our requirements.

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