CIS Configurator for SAP Business One

If you manufacture products that contain different variations, you’ve probably been having to rely on spreadsheets that have been passed down and are difficult to maintain.

However, the embedded logic within CIS Configurator has been developed to make your life much easier! Not only will it only display questions that generate valid options, but it will even create a BOM on the fly for you.

By simply answering questions you can see items and pricing. Plus, any custom products can be accurately configured and quoted, quickly and easily.

Configurator features

Configurator gives you a variety of features created to help you sell your products.

For example, it’s possible to display graphics based on your answers, or, show maybe pricing based on a Customer.

And you’ll even be able to set up different pricing methods, including multiple Tiered levels and bracket pricing and Volume discounts.

Configurator for SAP Business One features include:

Embedded logic – If you make or sell complex products with a variety of options then configurator can help you reduce costly mistakes. Configurator guides you through the process which makes it much easier to quote or order.

Accurate pricing – The Web Portal has a flexible user interface for a centralised view of all quoting activity. Which means it’s possible to provide a choice of pricing options.

Easy quoting – Creating quotes becomes easier, quicker and more accurate with online access for centralised quote and order visibility.

Configurator for SAP Business One Benefits

SAP Business One Integration

With CIS Configurator you can easily create quotes for products that have a variety of different versions, all within SAP Business One. You can create multiple lines with a configuration that is instantly launched with SAP B1.

You can then simply copy the quote to a Sales Order. And then from there, push it to a Production Order that will show the accurate quantity of all the items needed. Plus, it will even create the Production, Sales and Assembly BOM’s that are needed.

Easily create the product logic & automate

CIS Configurator helps you to build your own product logic in SAP Business One, without the need for any programming experience. And it only takes a couple of hours training to get you up and running.

Web based Quotes & Sales Orders

Anyone without SAP Business One can access the item data and price from the system using the QuoteBuilder. So, they can create quotes in QuoteBuilder and instantly convert them to a Sales Orders in SAP B1.

Quotebuilder also allows non-SAP users to create, revise and edit quotes before it becomes an order.