July 9, 2019

CRM for Outlook in SAP Business One

CRM for Outlook is an innovative product which updates SAP Business One tasks directly from within Outlook. So you will save time while increasing the use of your SAP Business One.

Whether you need to see the most recent sales to a customer or update a business opportunity or a lead. Or maybe even create documents, you can now do this in Outlook.

Outlook CRM software can eliminate the redundancy of opening separate applications for emails, sales activity tracking, and lead generation, making a user’s life easier and reducing clutter.

By working directly in Outlook, your employees can perform all of their key tasks and have them captured and organised within your SAP Business One system. Not only does this get employees to accept your SAP system, it ensures customer profiles stay up–to–date and accurate company–wide.

With our new CRM for Outlook, the users who prefer to work from the familiar Outlook environment can continue to do so without neglecting documentation in SAP Business One.

CRM for Outlook Ribbon

Here are just some of CRM for Outlook features:

  • Manage and update business partners, contacts, opportunities and activities directly in Outlook, saving time and making updates easier.
  • Create and send emails in Outlook as you always do and link them to SAP Business One records (sales orders, contracts, activities etc.) directly in Outlook, making it easier to maintain a history of communications with customers.
  • On a timeline all employees can share and see recent activities connected to the relevant business partner.
    • Jump directly to relevant information in SAP Business One with a single click, saving you a lot of time looking up data in SAP Business One.
  • Customise for your own needs. Choose relevant UDF information from SAP Business One that you want to display on your Outlook ribbon when you receive an email.
  • Create documents on the fly directly from Outlook for example, activities which will also appear in your Outlook Calendar.
  • Improve your daily work routines further through integrations:
    1. Call your contacts from Skype or Lync
    2. Look up directions on Google Maps
    3. Go directly to the BP’s web site in your favorite browser