January 20, 2021

Discover the Aphix eCommerce Platform

Unlimited opportunities to win new customers with The Aphix eCommerce Platform for SAP Business One

eCommerce platform, multi-channel, omni-channel, digital marketplaces, B2B eCommerce, headless eCommerce, Direct-to-consumer selling, social selling, etc etc etc. The buzzwords and trends just keep on coming while the confusion just keeps on growing.

This was once a lot more straightforward, but with complexity comes opportunity, and you want to be ready when opportunity is at your door.

The Aphix Digital Platform for SAP Business One helps companies to cut through the confusion to sell smarter and win new business.

Aphix Platform

Here’s how the Aphix eCommerce platform helps:

1. Set up for success

Getting online on every platform, social channel and marketplace out there might seem like a good idea and it might be. But once the orders start coming in where do they go and who manages them.

Aphix begins your digital journey by integrating our secure digital platform in real-time with your SAP Business One system.

Pricing, stock availability and product information will be live from SAP Business One and placed orders will go straight back to the ERP too. So no manual processing!

2. Be where your customers are

As a company you simply want to make sure you are getting your product in front of the right people when they look for it. When the proposition to buy is compelling and the process to do so is simple.

Hanging out where your target customers like to hang out is key. You want to be there when they decide to buy.

The Aphix Digital Platform for SAP Business One offers you the opportunity to connect to any digital channel or marketplace. To be there when you need to and at a pace that suits your business.

Our eCommerce suite offers the right products for any business to start selling online, whether that be to B2C, B2B, D2C or a mix.

Our Mobile App Suite allows your customers and sales teams to place orders on the go 24/7 365.

All our WebShops come with robust SEO capabilities built in. So customers searching on search engines will find you easily.

3. Easy to buy & keep on buying

With 24/7 access to your full product offering via your now digital catalogue, Aphix makes ordering easy.

Customers can easily search for the product they want by keyword, product name, brand or sku code. Your customers will have access to your full eCatalogue online at any time

Stock availability is fed straight from SAP Business One so it’s always live and accurate. Customers can quickly and easily re-order from their order history, favourites and recent products too.

Our Add-on Marketplace means our platform can integrate with all major payment gateways, marketing and analytical tools. Which makes it easy for customers to make payments and not forget your company and your products once they leave your site without buying.

Connecting to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Google shopping via the Aphix platform makes it even easier for customers to buy your products.

And with the increasing popularity of Social Commerce, selling directly from Facebook, Instagram and more is possible too.

4. Stand out from the competition

Real-time SAP Business One integration gives your customers extra functionality and a level of confidence when ordering. Which you just can’t find in the typical eCommerce experience.

You’ll have live stock availability, customer specific pricing and discounts, plus access to account information like invoices and order history. These are nice touches, like being able to place larger orders by uploading a spreadsheet, that all help keep customers coming back for more.

Or for those larger customers and for help in pitching for large tenders, our eProcurement suite of products can help. They serve up solutions like Order Punchout, where customers can view your products and place orders without leaving their own procurement system. Which can often be the edge you need to win this type of customer.

5. Be future ready

If 2020 taught those of us in the business world anything, it is to be ready to adapt your business to whatever comes next.

When Aphix customers are hit with change they have the right digital tools in their back pocket and are always ready for opportunity.

If you need to change how you process orders, or move into new global markets or sales channels. The opportunities to win new customers will be far reaching with the Aphix eCommerce platform in your corner.

The Aphix Digital Platform for SAP Business One offer ambitious companies multiple ways to win new customers. The its integrated eCommerce, Mobile App, eProcurement solutions and more, along with the ability to future proof their digital needs.

SAP Business One customers on the Aphix Digital Platform are always in a position to take opportunity by the horns and win new customers again and again.