Fastclose Accounting Software

Running SAP Business One and still using excel for Financial and Management Reporting? It’s time to take a look at FastClose!

FastClose is out-of-the-box accounting reporting with a built-in understanding of SAP Business One. Which means it installs and can be delivering reports against your own data in under 40 minutes.

It’s been created for accountants who know what they need but not how to get the information out of the system. So, FastClose will help you design and build complex reports to get the data you want, without any help from IT!

With FastClose accounting software, your monthly management report can be specifically designed to meet the needs of your business. So, everyone can understand how each area is contributing to the bottom line and where changes can be made for improvement.

By using FastClose, managing your budgets and forecasts in SAP Business One becomes simple. In fact, it will give a whole new dimension in both the medium and long term planning of your business.

The templates in FastClose will help you to structure the information you need in order to analyse, adjust and produce your reports. So, you can make timely and relevant decisions about the financial performance of your business.

And, all this is possible within just a few days!


– for Report Power Users

Build reports with drill to detail or other related reports. Control and publish to end users.

Lock down data in any dimension, securing data by such facets as company, cost centre, account and warehouse.


– for Executives to see live numbers safely, anytime

Live published reports allow managers and executives to see in real-time how the numbers are changing.

Drill down to transaction detail to spot problems early in the month or navigate to related reports that provide a different perspective.

FastClose Features:

Any data Anywhere – Unleash your database and bring the numbers to life by consolidating or slicing to find the right level of detail.

Formatting – Apply conditional formats to highlight the areas that are most relevant to your business.

Variables – Create automatic reports that update as specific times. And even use variables such as exchange rates or balances held outside the database.

Multi-Database – Query and combine data from multiple sources in a single report.

Hierarchies – Import or create hierarchies such as a Chart of Accounts complete with calculated KPI’s or an organisational structure.

Ranges and Wildcards – Speed up your report building and make them easy to maintain.

Multi-Threaded – Work with different reports at the same time.

Drill Sideways – Surf the data and gain insight into how your business works like never before.

Calculations – The powerful engine makes complex cross dimensional and conditional calculations possible.

Notes – Keep usage notes with your reports to make maintenance easier when you revisit them.

Bucketing – Drop data into buckets defined by data ranges, making Aged Debt reports a breeze.

Export – Export reports to Excel, Json or XML

Why Choose FastClose for SAP Business One?

So, how does FastClose accounting software actually solve problems and create value?

FastClose uses easily-modified, predefined reporting templates that allow you to drill into the underlying detail, or related sub-ledgers. This means you can follow the money and the story of its flow in seconds.

Most accountants fall back on excel because that’s what they know. However, because FastClose is so easy to use Financial Reports can be built in minutes. Plus, you don’t need to know anything about tables, or inner or outer joins as all this is taken care of for you. In fact, the key to FastClose is how it hides the complexity of tables and joins so that anyone can build the reports they need.

Dave Worsman Managing Director of Ochiba says “FastClose provides a host of fantastic features and has revolutionised the financial management of our company. It provides a huge number of additional benefits for financial directors, controllers and department managers.”

Call 0114 299 9430 or email us today to discover how FastClose can help make your month end a breeze!

“Prior to using FastClose we were frustrated with the amount of financial reports we could generate, however with FastClose this has been transformed allowing us to analyse data and reports quickly and efficiently helps us to ensure we make smarter business decisions. We are also receiving faster month end management reports.

I have no hesitation in recommending FastClose”

Robin Humble, Managing Director, DELTA Surgical Ltd