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Ochiba OPTIONS Configure to Order


This is a flexible solution to the problems faced by companies who generally use standard assemblies and subassemblies, to provide tailored products for your customers. It provides you with the ability design a flexible, multi-level structure to capture information and select the correct items required to build a product or system.

A pre-defined questionnaire guides you through the definition process to ensure only valid products or systems can be built. You can also make subassembly Bill of Material (BOM) changes to the order during the definition process if required.

All costing and selling price calculations are determined instantly. This mean you can configure a complex product or system and adjust costs, sales prices and margins to meet any requirements.

With Ochiba OPTIONS Configure to Order you can automatically produce an accurate quote, including all required production BOMs and parts.

If your company deals with more project based manufacturing, the CTO screen can also integrate with Variatec Project (additional purchase required). Variatec is a comprehensive project costing solution for SAP Business One, replicating the template structure of the CTO screen within the project.

Order Entry Templates

If you need to configure a completely bespoke product, you will find that any structure can be defined within the CTO screen.

If the structure of the item being built is fairly standardised, then pre-defined templates may be used to provide a starting point. Or, for in house manufactured products, this can also be a BOM structure created 'on the fly'.

Rules Driven

Throughout the definition process, you will find that the questionnaire displays options based on your previous answers. This ensures only the correct choice of available items can be selected during the order entry template.

The rules applied throughout the definition process mean you can only create valid item combinations. Rules available are:

  • Question based rules
  • Item Lists / Item Lists with dependencies

Cost Roll Up

You will have visability at every level of the selling and cost prices, as the roll up costs are applied throughout the structure.

You can add both total order charges, and where volume units are being configured, the amortise charges to the item being sold.

Both the cost and selling prices can be adjusted globally across the quote, by supplier and item group, to give you quick generic pricing of the quote.

Grouping Deliverables

Where you use CTO with project based systems, the grouping feature means the items selected can be grouped as required for either delivery or production purposes. As these groupings are user defined they can be changed for each quote or project.

Order management

When a quote is accepted the user can select an appropriate workflow path based on the complexity of the job in order to control the release of the order.

The workflow has to reach a user defined stage before the 'Finalise Order' Button can be used. The 'Finalise Order' button will create the parts and BOM's it needs and update the sales order and close off the CTO quote.

Sales Order Production Order Creation is then used to create the required production specific to the sales order. This does not have to be all levels of production, it can be just the first levels, allowing batch production of sub assemblies where required.


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