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Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Sales Pack


Make your sales team more efficient and increase sales with the Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Sales Pack.

The Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Sales Pack includes a number of sales and CRM features to improve the efficiency of your internal sales team. It also provides additional tools to help the team generate more sales.

With the Ochiba OPTION Extended Sales Pack increasing sales has never been so easy!

The Ochiba OPTION Extended Sales Pack features:

Call Management

Designed for a high volume telesales environment, where CRM activities can be created with a single click. You can process orders, look up stock and update customer details all from a single screen. You are able to define buttons and CRM actions from a simple set-up screen and colour code activities to highlight priorities.

Accessories and Upsell

You are able to create upsell opportunities by defining relationships between linked items. For example, if item A is selected, a pop-up appears to suggest items B, C and D could also be purchased. The window then provides the option to enter and amend quantities before adding them to the order. This is very useful where you are selling equipment with consumerables.

Activity and Delivery Scheduler

You can define a contact schedule for customers and define suitable delivery days e.g. only accept deliveries on Fridays. The system will automatically generate a CRM activity to call the Business Partner and set the delivery date to the next appropriate day on order entry.

Sales Templates

You will be able to manually define templates to be used in a sales order for a particular business partner, or the system can create a dynamic template based on buying patterns over a given period of sales history. These templates can then be used to pre-build an order with the option to amend quantities required and add items if needed.

Auto Sales Opportunity and Activity Creation

You also have the ability to create Sales Opportunities or CRM activities based on a query for a more targeted approach in the future.

It’s also possible to set alerts based on the financial status of a Business Partner. This is ideal for creating Credit Control call lists, or to highlight companies ‘on stop’ who shouldn’t be currently contacted.

Bulk Reallocation of CRM Activities

If a member of the team calls in sick it’s a simple process to instantly re-allocate their CRM tasks to an alternative employee in bulk.

Enhanced Promotions

This provides you with the ability to manage and execute more complex sales promotions within SAP Business One. It’s particularly useful where periodic promotions are run with different types of offers.


The main features are:

  • Start and Finish dates on promotions
  • References back to promotional literature
  • Promotions always use qualifying products with option of minimum quantities of some products in the qualifying mix
  • Limits on the number of times an offer can be taken by a customer
  • Handles ‘free’ products when qualifying mix is achieved
  • Handles ‘Price’ promotion when qualifying mix is achieved
  • Handles ‘additional’ items at a price / discount when qualifying mix is achieved
  • Handles percentage discounts, value offs, promo price lists to override customers normal pricing for price related promotions
  • Colour highlighting of where promotions are available and where they have been taken
  • Records use of promotion on sales order for later analysis
  • No restriction on having the same product on different types (free, price, additional product) of promotion within the same promotional offer set

Enhanced Pricing 

You will be provided with extended price list management features, such as the ability to apply a ‘value off’ discount to a product that doesn’t change if the base price changes. There’s also the ability to point one customer at many price lists based on the item group selection.


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