Ochiba OPTIONS SAP Business One add-ons

The Ochiba OPTIONS range consists of unique SAP Business One add-ons not available anywhere else. They’ve been developed by working closely with our customers to solve the problems they face.

Above all, our add-ons are designed to enhance how you use SAP Business One and help your day to day business operations.

Enhanced Production

The Ochiba OPTIONS Enhanced Production module has been developed to extend the standard production functions in SAP Business One.

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Configure to Order

Ochiba OPTIONS configure-to-order solves the problems faced by companies who provide tailored products for customers.

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Engineer to Order

Ochiba OPTIONS engineer-to-order helps companies which sell precision engineered products.

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Production Planning

Our production planning option for SAP Business One is an easy-to-use graphical planner that will allow load to be managed quickly and organised for the shop floor.  This will work with or without our Shop Floor Data Collection option, but where it is used the planner can see real time feedback of operations started, stopped, paused, or completed as well and any Non-Conformance raised during the production process.

Quality / Non-Conformance

Quality and Non Conformance Reporting (NCR) for SAP Business One is a key aspect of any ERP solution.  This solution works against projects, production and purchasing, as well as in a generic mode for general business non-conformance.


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Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)

This simple to use Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) system for SAP Business One will is the only tool that will ensure that your plans are accurate.  Planning is great, but it is only as good as that data used to feed the plan.  Real time data collection against your operations will ensure that they are.

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Ochiba OPTIONS Warehouse Management System (WMS) speeds up operations through barcode scanning to increase accuracy.

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Ochiba OPTIONS Logistics streamlines your day-to-day stock management. So, unexpected delays and reduced and demands met quicker.

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Enhanced MRP

Ochiba OPTIONS Enhanced MRP includes a number of features to help improve the efficiency of your purchasing or production planning teams.

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Ochiba OPTIONS Sales add-on helps to cross and up-sell your products. Plus the CRM features help to manage your sales team and improve efficiency.

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Courier Links Integration

Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links provides direct access between SAP Business One and UK Courier systems. So, information only needs entering once.

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eCommerce Integration

Whether you have an existing eCommerce website, or planning to develop a new one, we can seamlessly integrate it with SAP Business One.

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Scan & Attach Documents

This will scan inbound documents and attach them to a transaction in SAP Business One. Either through a scanner or a barcode label.

CreditSafe Integration

This links SAP Business One with Credit Safe, so you can request the credit rating of a company and by updated if that rating changes.

Card Payment Integration

This will let you simply and easily take card payments when processing orders or invoices.

Inter-Company Integration

With this add-on you can automate trading between different companies. The module also gives you stock and sales visibility of both companies through a central warehouse.

eMarketing Integration

The eMarketing Integration creates marketing campaigns in SAP Business One, and then sends the target list to your eMarketing solution. The results are then fed back into SAP B1 to give you up-to-date information on clicks, bounces and opt outs.

Enhanced Usability

This will give you features not available in standard B1. For example, postcode look-up*, find by contact, buttons on forms, queries via tabs, conditional field formatting, quote drill down, transaction workflow, auto activity creation, automatic currency feed* and more! (*requires subscription).

Integration Toolset

The Integration Toolset connects SAP Business One to 3rd party software, EDI Gateways and data for importing. Plus, you’ll have secure database storage, as well as, an intranet dashboard for monitoring interface status.

Web Pick & Pack

Review the stock status for open orders, create replenishment requests to move stock from bulk to pick locations, and create pick lists which have stock allocated.


Zapier connects apps to automate repetitive tasks, without the need for coding or relying on developers to build the integration. Its means you can build your own workflows with just a few clicks.

Rebates / MPS Management

This allows you to manage and control customer and supplier rebate structures. It includes manufacturer price support (MPS) and the ability to process claims from within SAP Business One.

Proof of Delivery

The Ochiba OPTIONS Proof of Delivery App enables SAP Business One Users to access Delivery Information, Capture Signatures and Photographs when confirming deliveries via a Handheld Application.

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