Ochiba OPTIONS Configure to Order

Does your company uses standard and sub-assemblies to provide tailored products? If so, the Ochiba OPTIONS Configure to Order SAP Business One add-on is the perfect solution.

This module provides a flexible structure for you to specify product information. So, you can simply and easily select the correct items needed to build a product or system through questionnaires that guide you through the product defining process. Therefore it makes sure only valid products or systems are being specified. Furthermore, you can even make sub-assembly Bill of Material (BOM) changes throughout the process if you need to.

How will the Configure to Order add-on help?

The Configure to Order module will save you time because all the costing and selling price calculations are worked out instantly. Which means you can configure a complex product or system, then adjust costs, sales prices and margins to meet any requirements as you go.

Plus, if your company deals with more project based manufacturing, the CTO screen can integrate with IA Project (additional purchase required). IA Project replicates the CTO screen and provides complete project costing in SAP Business One.

What are the key features of Ochiba OPTIONS Configure to Order?

The Ochiba OPTIONS Configure to Order SAP Business One add-on will produce an accurate quote instantly. And, it automatically includes all the production BOMs and parts needed for the job.

Order Entry Templates

If you have a completely new job to spec, the CTO has the flexibility to let you to create a bespoke product. However, if the job is fairly standardised, you can save time by using pre-defined templates as a starting point. Or, for in-house manufactured products, you can also use a BOM structure created ‘on the fly’.

Rules Driven

Through the definition process you’ll find that the questionnaires display options based on your previous answers. So, it ensures only the correct choices are available to be selected during the order entry template. The built in rules also mean that you can only create valid item combinations.

You can create rules based on:

  • Question based rules
  • Item Lists
  • Item Lists with dependencies
Cost Roll Up

You’ll be able to see every level of the selling and cost prices as the roll up costs are applied throughout the structure. Plus, you can add both total order charges, and where volume units are being configured, the amortise charges to the item being sold.

You can adjust the cost and selling prices on the quote, by supplier and item group, to give you quick generic pricing.

Grouping Deliverables

This handy grouping feature lets you select groups of items for either delivery or production. And, because these groupings are created by the user they can be changed for each quote or project.

Order Management

You can control exactly when an order is released by selecting the most appropriate workflow path based on the complexity of the job.

It will let you pre-determined at which stage the ‘Finalise Order’ button can be used. Which will create all the parts and BOM’s you need for that job, as well as updating the sales order and closing the CTO quote.

You can then create everything that’s needed for the sales order so you don’t have to it for each level of production. It’s also possible to just create the first levels and allow for batch production of sub assemblies where needed.

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