Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links

Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links creates an automated link between SAP Business One and courier booking systems. This means delivery information only need to be entered once, so the chance of duplicating data entry is eliminated and the logistics process is quicker.

Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links seamlessly integrates with the UK’s main courier systems including:

The integration can be run within SAP Business One as a stand alone function, or launched from Sales Orders, Delivery Notes or Invoices.

Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links for SAP Business One delivers the following features:

Tailored Entry Screens

Each courier has its own screen that includes all the key fields you need to complete before sending the information to the courier. It will even auto-complete fields straight from SAP where possible to save time.

Courier Selection

You’ll have the option of choosing from a selection of couriers. This means you can pick who to use to send a delivery and then set and amend any of the courier options.

Export Information

The add-on will export the information to the courier system with the click of a button. Then the relevant data will automatically appear within the couriers own system. You’ll be able to use the courier’s own screen to print documents and labels.

Import Information

The courier’s system instantly sends files back to SAP Business One. So, it can be used to update the despatch details, such as tracking numbers.

Automatic Updates

The SAP Business One Courier also provides automatic updates to your customers. It’s able to send personalised emails with tracking information (requires purchase of Spindle Professional) to make sure they know when items are sent and when they will arrive.

Tracking Information

All the information is also available within the delivery record in SAP Business One for internal users.

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