Ochiba OPTIONS Engineer to Order

We’ve created the Ochiba OPTIONS Engineer to Order SAP Business One add-on especially for precision engineering companies.

If you produce components to meet customer needs or specifications this module will make your life much easier. Usually, ERP systems like SAP Business One need part codes to make them work. However, our Engineer to Order module is different.

You’ll be able to create quotes without generating new item codes or Bill of Materials (BOMs) for parts so you can quickly create quotes from a single screen. Plus, estimates for existing parts and BOMs can be used and modified, or brand new details can be entered.

CAD / Engineer to Order

If you are working in a design led manufacturing company you will know that these resources are valuable but can add so much value to the business.

Whether you are offering clients added value by a design to order service, or simply ensuring your own in house designs get to market, the whole process from Research & Development, Design, and ultimate production can be prone to delays and errors.

This is why an automated CAD integration, ideally encompassing PDM or PLM, into SAP Business One will have company wide benefits such as:

  • Reduction of design time by up to 25%. In Engineer to Order environments, it is likely that 25% of the time is spent ensuring the ERP system is up to date, and rarely is
  • Improved BOM accuracy is important for both Production and Purchasing by eliminating errors that are costly both in terms of materials and time
  • Improved component and product version control providing clarity for the shop floor
  • Bi-Directional automatic synchronisation of data to PDM databases means the elimination of component duplication
  • Used in conjunction with Engineer to Order CAD Integration allows make to order production without the need to create new items for each custom variation

Key Features

Working alongside the Ochiba OPTIONS Production module, Engineer to Order allows you to fully define a finished product. In fact, you can include everything right down to the parts, materials, labour, resources and tooling needed to create a multi-level BOM.

Furthermore, OPTIONS Engineer to Order will also let you include subcontract details. And, it you need new items, the information used in the estimate will automatically create item codes and BOMs in SAP Business One. Information and BOMs are only created or updated in SAP Business One once you confirm it has become an order. All this means that items and BOMs are kept as clean as possible in SAP B1.

Would you like a clear view of all your business operations?

Ochiba OPTIONS Engineer to Order gives you a handy summary line for each part of the estimate. So, you’ll know exactly what is needed for each step. Plus, you’ll also have a handy cost breakdown of in-house work, parts, materials, subcontract and tooling.

You can also create sub-contract processes to work with the Ochiba Options Extended Production module. This will show you all the subcontract costs alongside the parts and materials. Then, once a sales order has been accepted, you can simply raise everything needed for the order.

Discover how SAP Business One for Manufacturing from Ochiba can help you achieve more than ever before.

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