Ochiba OPTIONS Logistics

Ochiba OPTIONS Logistics SAP Business One add-on will help your to deal with any unexpected delays while making sure you can always meet demand.

This module includes a number of features to streamline your day-to-day stock management processes. It will provide you with increased visibility and ability to manage long lead time items.

What can Ochiba OPTIONS Logistics help you manage?

Business Partner Overview

You’ll have extra visibility of both the customers account status as well as open transactions. So you’ll be able to review sales patterns for up to five years, which is perfect for credit control and sales analysis. With all the information you need available in a single screen so you can say goodbye to navigating between multiple tabs.

Item Master Usage

The Item Master Usage screen provides you with visibility of item movements. This allows you to monitor both ‘period to date’ and ‘year to date’ sales and purchases. You will also be able to see rolling monthly usage and up to date pricing, including customer specific pricing, within the same screen.

Container Management & Receipting

The Container Management screen allows you to build and track a container. You can then manage the it centrally and track due dates. Any delivery dates are automatically updated so you always have the very latest information by which to act. You can also use ‘Receipted onto Water’, and all the information will appear in SAP Business One.

Once the Container arrives at Goods In, the Container Management Receipting Screen allows you to easily confirm and receive the contents of the container. And then ensure that the stock levels are updated instantly in SAP Business One.

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