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Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Production

Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Production enhances the ERP production processes in SAP Business One with the inclusion of a number of additional features.

Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Production provides manufacturing companies, including those who make or assemble products to order, with more visibility and control to plan and record production activities in real time. Features include:

  • Easy to use make-to-order features
  • Multi level sales order / item based ‘what if’ and production order release
  • Simple work to list bookings
  • Full Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) bookings system
  • Optional office based time sheet booking
  • Rough Cut Capacity Plans
  • Simple Multi level / Sales Order centric production completion
  • Engineer Change Control (ECC)
  • Sub contract process management
  • Sheet / Bar Cutting optimisation*
  • Configure to Order*
  • Engineer to Order*

* Optional Additions

Make to Order / Mixed Mode Manufacture

You will gain a complete view of the sales order right down to the component level availability. Any make-to-order components are highlighted, allowing a production order to be created and the required materials to be purchased.

You can select which top level and subassembly production orders to raise. These are generated as planned or released production orders.

In a mixed mode operation, Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) can be run to show any lower level items made to stock or in batches. And if the delivery date entered on the sales order is not achievable, based on assembly lead times, a new date will be proposed.

You can also simplify the completion of production in the make to order environment, just by showing the sales order and a list of associated production to be completed for all levels of production.

Unlike standard SAP Business One, the Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Production Pack can also handle the back flushing of serial or batch controlled items.

Production Planning

With rough cut capacity planning as standard, production capacity can be optimised throughout the process.

Rough cut capacity planning is a simple form of planning where the capacity plan is compared to work centre capacities. The system plans by back scheduling your production order operations based on the planned work order completion dates.

Usually the rough cut schedule is managed on weekly view rather than a daily basis, and the system supports both the use of ‘time’ required on an operation or (more usually for rough cut systems) a more generic ‘lead time’ in days for an operation.

Capacity is defined against work centres. These can be varied per day as required by you.

It is also possible to link your employees to the system - bookings of holidays or non-available time - to reduce the available capacity in your business.

A scheduling screen is provided allowing you to move whole order lines at a time, rather than each individual sub assembly, making re-planning at an order level much quicker.

This screen also highlights your loading and resources (with colour coding) and provides drill down to sub level operations.
If multi-constraint scheduling is required then the option of integration with Preactor, a multiconstraint scheduling tool, is available. Preactor is the industry leading solution and offers automated export and import to SAP Business One (requires purchase of the Preactor software).

Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)

The Shop Floor Data Collection provides intuitive ‘Big Button’ multi-operator screens which have been designed to work with touch screen entry and barcode scanners on your shop floor.

This has the following facilities:

  • Barcoded user Id’s for security
  • Simple sign in / out attendance recording
  • Start operations
  • Complete operations
  • Pause operations
  • Complete jobs
  • Start / Stop Indirect or non-productive work
  • Book materials to jobs
  • View work-to lists for department

It is also possible to record time via a per person time sheet. This information can also be entered in the office if introducing SFDC terminals to your shop floor is not a viable option.
If you decide ‘per person’ time recording is not required, but operations need to be controlled and completed, there’s a work centre screen. Production can use this work centre screen as both a ‘work to list’ and a simple ‘tick to complete’ booking tool.

Sub Contract Process Management

With this simple screen you can manage the items sent to a sub-contractor for external processing, e.g. galvanising of a cut metal part.

A single, easy to use screen allows you to raise a purchase order for the service to be provided, free issue and deliver the required materials to be processed, then receipt back the finished part when receive.

The solution takes care of all required system bookings in the background to ensure the relevant materials are down dated and the processed part received into stock. It also adds costs to the job for material and subcontract services.

Engineer Change Request Management

You will have the ability to manage the Bill of Material (BOM) change process and in particular the up issue of version and revision numbers against the amended parts and BOMs.

The solution allows the user to document the reasons for change, manage approvals or change, and can optionally up issue assembly and sub-assembly item versions or revisions based on the change to lower level components.


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