Ochiba OPTIONS Enhanced Production add-on

The Ochiba OPTIONS Production add-on enhances the manufacturing ERP side of SAP Business One. In fact, it has a number of features that just aren’t available anywhere else.

With it you’ll have a complete view of every order. So you’ll always know exactly what’s needed for each job, right down to the component level.

And because you’ll always know exactly where a job is in its production you can plan and control every aspect. Which means you’ll always have a view of exactly what’s been done and what still needs doing.

What will Ochiba OPTIONS Enhanced Production add-on help you to manage?

The Ochiba OPTIONS Enhanced Production add-on means you’ll always have complete control of every step in your manufacturing operation.

It’s features include:

  • Easy to use make-to-order
  • Multi level sales order / item based ‘what if’ and production order release
  • Simple work to list bookings
  • Full Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) bookings system
  • Optional office based time sheet booking
  • Rough Cut Capacity Plans
  • Simple Multi level / Sales Order production completion
  • Engineer Change Control (ECC)
  • Sub-contract management
  • Sheet / Bar Cutting optimisation
  • Configure to Order*
  • Engineer to Order*

What are the Benefits of Ochiba OPTIONS Enhanced Production add-on?

Make to Order & Mixed Mode Manufacture

Your whole production process will be simplified with the make to order function. This is because the sales order gives you a list of all the parts that are needed for the job to be completed.

And you can even see all the make-to-order components that are needed and instantly create production orders. As well as any top level and sub assembly production orders which can also be raised and generated as either planned or released production orders.

You can also use the handy Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) feature you let you know exactly which items need to be made-to-stock or in batches. And it will even propose a new delivery date if the existing one isn’t achievable.

Production Planning

You can automatically optimise your production schedule through rough cut capacity, thanks to how it compares your plan to the work centre capacities. And, you can even back-schedule your production based on the planned work order completion dates.

Our SAP Business One production add-on shows you both the time used on an operation as well as the number of days needed. Plus, it lets you define capacity against work centres and make changes on a daily basis for a 100% accurate view on capacity.

Furthermore, you can even integrate SAP Business One with Compass10  APS (requires additional purchase) for more advanced planning and scheduling.

Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)

Would you like to see exactly where a job is on the shop floor? If yes, then our SFDC function will help as it collects all the data you need. Jut be using simple touch screens and barcode scanners on the shopfloor you will have all the information you need.

Sub-Contract Process Management

Would you like to make managing your relationships with subcontractors simple?  Our production add-on can free issue and make sure materials are delivered just be raising a purchase offer. And then you can then just receipt back the finished parts when they arrive.

You can make sure everything is taken care, from all the materials being down-dated, to the parts are received into stock

Engineer Change Request Management

You’ll easily be able to make changes in the BOM. As well as up-issue a version and revision against the amended parts and BOMs. You can also, record the reasons for changes, manage approvals, or up-issue assembly and sub assembly item versions or revisions.

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Discover how the Ochiba OPTIONS Enhanced Production SAP Business One add-on can help you achieve more than ever before.

  • 50% Reduction in BOM maintenance
  • 85% Faster job costing
  • 29% Reduction in cost per unit
  • 50% Reduction in planing time

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