Ochiba OPTIONS Enhanced Sales SAP Business One add-on

The Ochiba OPTIONS Enhanced Sales add-on for SAP Business One will give your sales team everything it needs to become more efficient and increase sales.

It enhances SAP Business One with a number of sales and CRM tools to help your team generate more revenue.  In fact, with the Ochiba OPTION Enhanced Sales add-on, increasing sales has never been so easy!

Ochiba OPTIONS Sales features

Call Management

You’ll be able to speed things up in a fast moving telesales environment with this feature. You’ll be able to create CRM activities with a single click, as well as process orders, look-up stock and update customer details all from a single screen. You can also define CRM actions from a simple set-up screen and colour code activities to highlight priorities.

Accessories and Upsell

By simply linking items together you’ll be able to create upsell opportunities from this screen. Handy pop-ups will appear when sales are made to suggest other items that would compliment what’s just been purchased. You can then enter and amend quantities before adding them to the order which is very useful if you’re selling equipment with consumerables.

Activity and Delivery Scheduler

This will allow you to create a contact schedule for customers with suitable delivery days. When you enter an order the system will automatically create useful CRM activities, such as, when to call again, as well as set the delivery date to the first appropriate day.

Sales Templates

You’ll be able to decide which templates are used in a sales order for a particular customer, or the system can create a dynamic template based on buying patterns over a given period of sales history. You can then use these templates to pre-build orders. It will evem give you the option to amend quantities and add items if you need to.

Auto Sales Opportunity and Activity Creation

You can create Sales Opportunities or CRM activities from a query to give you a more targeted approach in the future. This means you can set alerts based on the financial status of the customer, which is ideal for creating Credit Control call lists. Ot maybe to highlight companies ‘on stop’ who shouldn’t be currently contacted.

Bulk Reallocation of CRM Activities

When a member of the team calls in sick it’s a simple process to instantly send their CRM tasks to an another person so nothing gets missed.

Enhanced Promotions

You’ll be able to run more complex sales promotions from within SAP Business One. This is particularly useful when promotions are run at different times with different types of offer.

Enhanced Pricing

This will give you the ability to manage different price lists, you you can apply a ‘value off’ discount to a product that doesn’t change if the base price changes. Or maybe point one customer at many price lists based on the item group you’re selected.

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