Ochiba OPTIONS Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Do you find it difficult to keep track of what you have in stock and where to find it?

Then Ochiba OPTIONS WMS  is the answer.

Our SAP Business One WMS add-on will help you increase accuracy and integrate your stock information straight into SAP B1. So, you’ll always have a 100% accurate view of your warehouse.

With Ochiba OPTIONS WMS stock control is carried out through wireless barcode scanning device. Then, by using simple, intuitive screens you’re taken through your WMS processes. Plus, the system has been specifically designed to cut down on the need for training.

Why Choose Ochiba OPTIONS WMS?

With Ochiba OPTIONS WMS you’ll be able to access all your warehouse information via a specially designed management console.

The console gives you real-time information on staff, stock levels and where that stock is located. Plus, you can also set up alerts to let you know if any transactions fail.

What will our WMS help you manage?

It will help you keep track of all the key areas in a fast moving warehouse, including:

  • Bin locations
  • Multiple units of measure
  • Serial numbers and batches
  • Virtual locations (e.g. Aisle/Floor) for temporary storage
  • Warehouse barcoding

What features are included in Ochiba OPTIONS WMS?

Goods receipt

You can receive goods against a purchase order or invoice and automatically update stock levels in SAP Business One. Plus it lets you determine the location of where goods will be stored and print labels to ensure they are easy to find in the future.

Pick and Pack

Your WMS will fulfil orders directly from pick lists or sales orders and update stock levels in real-time. And, you can also create the delivery notes and packing slips needed straight from the SAP Business One.

Container Receiving

If you order large numbers of different items that arrive at the same time, then the Container Receiving function will make your life much easier! This function lets you instantly enter a variety of products into stock when they arrive together.


Your returns process will also be much quicker. Because you can receive goods both physically in the warehouse and virtually into SAP Business One you’ll always know exactly what you have.  You can also put them items back into available stock, or maybe quarantine them until they’ve been physically checked.

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