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Partner Solutions

Ochiba have carefully selected a range of partner solutions to compliment the OPTIONS range and optimise your SAP Business One.

Motivity Mobile Maeko Connect Software 
Aphix Software
Preactor Planning & Scheduling IA Project

Mobile Solutions


Motivity is a simple, easy to use, software-based business tool for field maintenance and service companies. It allows your field force to receive jobs and return completed job sheets electronically – all via a mobile device.

Motivity makes all your paper-based forms and certificates accessible electronically on any web-enabled device, including tablets, PDAs, mobile phones and desktop workstations. It allows you to enter data about jobs at the customer site and send the information back to the office in real time.

It enables you to capture, store and share information about a customer job, including forms, photos and signatures – instantly. Allowing customers to sign off work there and then – using a digital signature. And allows you to share that information with customers as required.

Motivity provides the information you need to manage your contracts so that you know you’re compliant, have the resources to fulfil the contract, and that you’ll meet your SLAs. Monitor contract performance to ensure it’s profitable. Plus, win more contracts because you can better estimate costs.

Whether you just want to keep track of jobs or need to prove ISO compliance, it is a reliable way to capture, store and retrieve customer job information, including forms, certificates, signatures and photographic evidence. Motivity is a very easy to use, yet powerful, business tool that positively impacts your entire business, not just your field operations.

Coresuite Mobile Sales & Service

Coresuite Mobile is a cloud based solutions which connects your employees who are away from the office with your in-house SAP Business One. Whether sales or servicing this solution allows important information to be available, records to be updated and notes to be taken and uploaded straight into SAP Business One when on the road. It is possible to work anywhere, either online of offline and data can be synchronised once network coverage is reconnected.

With Coresuite Mobile Sales & Service your employees have all the relevant information such as service orders, client details, and installed equipment at their fingertips – on and offline. Every activity or task can be guided and documented with dynamic checklists. Capturing time and materials on the go becomes easy. Finalising a service assignment is simple and efficient with a streamlined checkout process and automated service reports. With the push of a button, service technicians synchronize all information to the enterprise backend systems. Moreover, the integrated sales features turn your field service staff into a trusted sales force that generates new business.


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Accounting Solutions

FastClose provides flexible, real-time, multi-dimensional operational reporting with the capability to drill down into the detailed transactions within your SAP Business One system.

FastClose is an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy operational reporting and enquiry solution. It enables you to quickly build powerful management reports directly against your SAP Business One data at a fraction of the cost and complexity of a Business Intelligence system.

Built to work directly off the SAP Business One tables, FastClose uses prebuilt templates that are filled in by clicking and pointing to key fields like Company, Account Ranges, Period, Year, Ledger Type, Customer, Vendor etc. In fact all the dimensions that make up your SAP Business One system. We call this  “Accounting Intelligence”.

Project Solutions

IA Project

IA Project has been specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of project driven companies. While, SAP Business One for Project industries is perfect for companies where only part of their business is project based. Companies with a combination of trade, service and projects require a broad base of functionality in an integrated and easy to use system.


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Commerce Solutions

Aphix Software Suite

Aphix Software have developed a suite of eCommerce and mobile ordering products, which offer real-time integration to SAP Business One plus connectivity to various digital marketplaces on one secure and robust platform.

The Aphix Cloud Platform is the world's most flexible digital ordering platform. A truly scalable secure solution which will help you start your digital transformation and grow alongside your business.

The Aphix eCommerce Suite helps wholesalers and B2B companies sell online through your own branded WebShop which can be deployed in as little as 21 days. While the Mobile Apps work across devices and allow your field sales team direct access to all the information and processes they need while out of the office to ensure they hit their targets.

Maeko Connect

If you have a Point of Service or EPOS requirement then Maeko Connect is for you. Maeko connect brings the ease of use of EPOS to SAP Business One by integrating touchscreens, wireless devices, EFT and biometrics economically and in real time. Maeko Connect lets you increase the efficiency of your retail labour force by reducing training time, user errors and user effort by simplifying complex ERP processes.

Most EPOS Systems when integrated with an ERP system run in Batch Mode, updating the sales data from the EPOS system once a day. With Maeko Connect the transfer from and to the SAP Business One system is in real time. This truly leverages your investment in your ERP system giving a true picture of stock, sales, and availability through the whole enterprise.

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Manufacturing Solutions

SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Scheduling

The SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Scheduling range offers production planning and scheduling software for small, medium and large manufacturing companies. It calculates achievable production schedules by taking into account a range of constraints allowing the planner to generate and evaluate multiple possible scenarios.

Manufacturers cannot react quickly to changes without planning & scheduling tools. The time it takes to generate a schedule using spreadsheets can take hours or even days and it can be difficult to maintain. If there's an unexpected change it's often not easy to generate a new schedule.

SIMATIC IT Preactor Advanced Scheduling is an essential tool for companies who want to enhance competitiveness, increase profits and improve customer service. Effective purchasing of economic quantities of raw materials and timely use of this raw material is key to reducing one of the greatest production problems, unnecessary high stock levels of both finished product and raw materials.

Preactor Screenshot

All products in the Preactor AS range are interactive multi-constraint scheduling systems. This means that the availability of resources, additional constraints, such as tooling, and materials are all taken in to consideration during the scheduling process to ensure an accurate model of your environment. Orders can be scheduled quickly using intelligent built in rules and the planner can also manually interact with the schedule to make changes based on their experience or new information.

SIMATIC IT Preactor AS Standard

SIMATIC IT Preactor AS Standard has all of the features described above.  It uses order based scheduling to which the user can apply a ranking or weighting in order to prioritise the orders. It schedules based on availability of resources, additional constraints and the materials required for the order. During the scheduling process Preactor AS Standard can take in to account different operation run speeds on different resources, use sequence dependent changeover times based on operation attributes and allow overlaps and slack time between operations.

SIMATIC IT Preactor AS Professional

SIMATIC IT Preactor AS Professional has a number of additional schedule optimization rules to deal with problems such as minimizing changeover times, preferred sequencing and campaigning.  Composite rules can also be built with Preactor’s workflow tool.  At Preactor AS Professional level the user is also able to implement customer specific rules about how materials are consumed and visualize their assembly process from raw materials through to finished goods and sales orders in the Material Explorer. This shows a graphical view of the material dependencies as well as plots of stock levels over time.  The user can see where shortages will occur and choose to keep them as a constraint or ignore them. In addition to this Preactor AS professional can model advanced resource constraints, such as rules about concurrent rule usage, and advanced inter-operation constraints including limits on the time between operations and how much operation times can be extended by.

SAP Customisation Solutions

Coresuite Country Package

The Coresuite Country Package gives you more control over SAP Business One system. It provides greater flexibility for information delivery, reporting, finding information and amending the layout of your screens.

Boyum Usability Pack

The Boyum Usability Package lets you customise SAP Business One to suit your needs. It enables you to simply create and apply various types of rules to any fields in SAP Business One. There is no coding involved, so there is no need to hire a developer in order to implement them.


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