Production Planning

The IA Production Planner for SAP Business One is an easy-to-use graphical planner that will allow load to be managed quickly and organised for the shop floor.

This will work with or without our Shop Floor Data Collection option, but where it is used the planner can see real time feedback of operations started, stopped, paused, or completed as well and any Non-Conformance raised during the production process.

              Watch the IA Production Planner Quick Features video (2-min)

How does the plan board work?

The board allows visibility of planned and/or released production and allows whole groups of orders to be moved.  So, if you are in a make to order environment, for example, you may wish to drag the sales order and move all its associated production.

Bottlenecks are readily identified, and the planning board can be automatically filtered to focus in on the issue.

IA Production Planner Benefits

Using the production planner will:

  • Enhance Material Procurement so that MRP is working against deliverable work plans
  • Takes into account likely wait times, either before or after each operation making the planning process more realistic
  • Takes into account sub-contract operations where items are sent to subcontractors in the middle of internal operations on a production order, giving suppliers greater visibility
  • Ensure resources are planned optimally and reduce lead-times
  • Spot inefficiencies with real time feedback from Shop Floor Data Collection allowing continual process


Why choose SAP Business One?

“We chose SAP Business One because we wanted flexible product configuration, integrated with our sales and manufacturing, along with the ability to build and manage an efficient and effective dealer network.”- Brandon James, Managing Director, Brian James Trailers Ltd

Steve Graves, Director, Austin Hayes Ltd

“The Ochiba team worked closely with us and really took the time to understand our operators wants and needs. They invested time in listening to us which really paid off and meant they delivered a fantastic solution.”

Austin Hayes Case Study

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