Boyum’s Produmex WMS

Produmex WMS provides you with a complete warehouse management system (WMS) for SAP Business One. And because everything takes place in real time you’ll always have a clear view of your operations.

Produmex WMS will help you manage container and PO receiving, pallet build and directed put-away on the inbound side. As well as shelf life pick management, truck routing, inventory allocation and shipping labelling. Plus, deep lot/batch and serialisation make It’s perfect for regulated industries with support for GS1, SSCC and GS1-128 barcodes. The system also includes integrated Quality Management and Scale/Silo integration.

It can either be used straight from the box to get up and running quickly, or configured to meet your needs.

Produmex WMS Key benefits

“The biggest value that Produmex WMS has given us is visibility and clarity of our inventory for the sales team. We have also been able to automate dispatching, inventory rotation, expiry date and lot management – things we had never envisioned but which we were able to accomplish with Produmex WMS.”

Maria Gutierrez, Operations Manager, Tolteca Foods

Produmex Scan

Produmex Scan is a barcode scanning solution for SAP Business One that automates warehouse and inventory processes.

Every action carried out in the warehouse is instantly updated in SAP Business One. So you’ll always have a 100% accurate view of your stock. It also fully integrates with SAP Bins, Multiple Unit of Measure and Barcode/GTIN functionality.

Produmex Scan is available out of the box to get up and running quickly for a swift return on your investment. Or, SAP Business One tools can be used to adapt and customise it to meet you specific needs.

Produmex Scan Key Benefits

Increase Productivity – You can process more transactions with higher accuracy to increase productivity.

Reduced Errors and Increase Customer Satisfaction – Fewer mistakes in picking and shipping drives down shipping errors and increases customer satisfaction.

Increase Accuracy – With easy tracking of Batch and Serial transactions combined with SAP Bin tracking you’ll achieve 100% inventory accuracy.

Quickly & Easily Customisation – Easy to use tools adapt screens, labels and processing to meet your needs.

“I like the visibility of what needs to be done on the handheld and, once scanned, the transaction is created in SAP Business One immediately. We gained a lot of efficiency and eliminated the mistakes.”

Bill Snelling, Distribution Manager, Kleiner Products