Ochiba OPTIONS Proof of Delivery App

The Ochiba OPTIONS Proof of Delivery App enables SAP Business One Users to access Delivery Information, Capture Signatures and Photographs when confirming deliveries via a Handheld Application.

Traditionally, proof of delivery consisted of a paper delivery note that the customer signed to acknowledge receipt of the goods and allow for invoicing.

But, with the Ochiba OPTIONS Proof of Delivery App, your own delivery drivers can collect data beyond the traditional signature, enhancing the customer experience while cutting operational costs.

                        Watch the Proof of Delivery App tutorial below (2-min)

How could it help save time for your business?

Providing your customers with an outstanding Delivery Service, and still running an efficient operation can be a challenging balance to maintain. With the Ochiba OPTIONS Proof of Delivery App, you can simplify your processes, improve customer service and make life easier for your customer service team.

Furthermore, the Ochiba OPTIONS Proof of Delivery App can also be used to confirm Customer Collections or Confirmation of Shipments collected by couriers and logistics providers.

Electronic Proof of Delivery benefits

  • Make the delivery experience easier for your customer
  • Cut inbound call volumes
  • Reduce time-consuming administrative procedures
  • Make the on-site encounter quicker and more professional
  • Customer service improvements
  • Optimized workforce productivity
  • Enhanced real-time visibility

Other uses:

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