Quality / Non-Conformance

Quality and Non Conformance Reporting (NCR) for SAP Business One is a key aspect of any ERP solution.  This solution works against projects, production and purchasing, as well as in a generic mode for general business non-conformance.

This solution allows Actions and Causes to be defined, and they can be set at a department or general level, thus making the analysis specific to a department where required.  A logged NCR is escalated to a supervisor who can add comments or solution and either pass it back to the originator or pass on to another person to action.

All movements are logged for each action taken and where necessary linked to the originating SAP document.  This allows detailed analysis of root causes, actions, and time taken to resolution.

From a quality perspective a series of questions can be defined and held against materials for goods in inspection or on operations for production orders.  These are prompted for in the relevant screens in Shop Floor Collection or Goods inwards and can also result in the NCR process being followed.

The benefits of using NCR

  • Continual Improvement both in-house and suppliers that will reduce the occurrences of non conformance over time
  • Improvement in product and service quality
  • Work out what takes too much time or what went wrong last time ensure that future plans are more improved and resources are used efficient
  • This will ultimately translate into improved customer and employee satisfaction

Why choose SAP Business One?

Brandon James, Managing Director, Brian James Trailers Ltd

“We chose SAP Business One because we wanted flexible product configuration, integrated with our sales and manufacturing, along with the ability to build and manage an efficient and effective dealer network.”

Steve Graves, Director, Austin Hayes Ltd

“The Ochiba team worked closely with us and really took the time to understand our operators wants and needs. They invested time in listening to us which really paid off and meant they delivered a fantastic solution.”

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