Sage v SAP Business One

Sage vs SAP Business One. Which is better?

If your company has outgrown it’s current accounting software and you’re looking to upgrade, then maybe it’s time to consider a more comprehensive solution.

SAP Business One has been specifically designed to let SME’s manage their whole company from a single system. So, you’ll always have a clear and accurate view of your entire business.

SAP Business One will:

  • Integrate all your business functions a single system
  • Give you instant access to data to help you make the best decisions
  • Do away with manual process, duplication and inefficiencies
  • Provide full multi-currency and multi-language support
  • Be configured to meet your companies specific needs
Why switch to SAP Business One?

James Mills, Director, Talar Made Ltd

“We considered Sage 200 when we were looking for a new system for our business. However, it just didn’t compare with SAP Business One in terms of it’s ability to integrate all our business functions and the overall cost effectiveness.”

Lynn Jones, Accountant, Codel Ltd

“I’ve never had an audit that has been so efficient. I’ve worked with other systems before but SAP Business One really is a breath of fresh air. The ability to find documents for an audit and the ease in which you can trace which document goes with which order and payment is fantastic. The way the modules are all set up makes navigation really easy. And being an accountant its time saving efficiency adds up for me.”

Steve Graves, Director, Austin Hayes Ltd

“Five years ago, our business decided to upgrade our accounts software and we conducted as an in-depth study into the options available. Our MD at the time was an accountant and knew the difference that the right software would make. Our accountants were recommending that we go down the SAGE route. However, our research led us to SAP, which we felt would better meet our business needs.”

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FastClose provides flexible, real-time, multi-dimensional reporting. Plus, it also lets you drill down into SAP Business One transactions.

It’s an easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy operational reporting and enquiry solution. So, you can quickly build powerful management reports directly straight from your SAP B1 data at a fraction of the cost and complexity of a Business Intelligence system.

Built to work directly with SAP Business One, FastClose uses prebuilt templates that are auto-completed by clicking and pointing to key fields from your B1 system. We call this  “Accounting Intelligence”.

“Ochiba, introduced us to FastClose and we took it on trial to put it through its paces. FastClose was installed easily and it unlocked all the GL data as soon as it started up. There are predefined templates that shortcut the process of report building. We’re getting management reports at a balance level with full drill-down to transactions, very quickly.”

Alex Grace, CEO, BananaMoon Clothing Ltd

SAP Concur

Concur gives you control over spending, from inital purchase request and invoice all the way to payment. It also provides reporting solutions to give you all the information needed to put you in control.

With SAP Concur your will:

  • Speed up purchasing but keep control
  • Keep all of you approvers connected while on the go
  • Keep approvals controlled and moving
  • Better manage your money
  • Quick, flexible invoice capture
  • Create and submit expense claims
  • Capture receipt data
  • Stay in company policy
  • Ensure expenses are compliant
Creditsafe for SAP Business One

Stream up-to-date financial information directly into your SAP Business One system. So, all your users can view the credit ratings and limits of your customers and prospects.

The simple connector allows you to receive real-time updates on financial risks and will even update changes to address and contact details to keep your data current.

ICAEW Accreditation

We are pleased to announce SAP Business One has been awarded accreditation by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

SAP Business One has met the ICAEW’s robust technical evaluation criteria and is delighted to be part of the prestigious scheme. ICAEW’s Accreditation scheme gives peace of mind and is fast becoming the benchmark accounting software used in both business and practice markets.

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So, if your company has outgrown it’s current accounting software and you’re looking to upgrade, maybe it is time to consider a more comprehensive solution.

Contact us and see how SAP Business One can streamline all your business operations within a single integrated business system and help make your life easier.

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