SAP 9.3 Enhancements

The latest version of SAP Business One is now available and includes a variety of enhancements to help streamline your everyday operations.

We recommend upgrading to 9.3 as soon as possible to benefit from these latest features and functions, but, most importantly, 9.3 PL04 meets the requirements of GDPR which all companies now need to comply with.


SAP Business One is already equipped to easily and quickly fulfill most GDPR requirements. However, SAP Business One 9.3 PL04 includes specific enhancements within data protection and privacy tools to meet the demands of the GDPR legislation, particularly around areas such as the right to be forgotten, opt-in/opt-out requirements, as well as privacy of user names and profiles.

SAP Business One 9.3 PL04 enhancements include:

  • Personal Data Tools and CleanUp
  • Authorisations control who can see Personal Information
  • Data Ownership can help contribute to GDPR Compliance
  • Change Log, when information was changed can assist in reviewing cases against companies for failing to adhere to GDPR requirements and therefore having this facility can help improve GDPR Compliance and Data Management.
  • Personal Data Management in System Initialisation > Company Details.
  • Utilities > Personal Data Management shows all Personal Data in Grid view including Users, Contacts, Market Documents etc around 20 document types. Review & Confirm which are Personal Data and which are not. Important for providing information held on BP’s and in order to successfully run CleanUp.
  • Utilities > Personal Data Management Wizard provides Reports and CleanUp routines for Data Management to help with GDPR Compliance.
  • Personal Data Report, this can be sent to customers, important to check. Incorrect information being sent to customers is worse than sending nothing.
  • Personal Data CleanUp, does not remove Transactions, it only removes the Personal Data elements. All ‘Personal Data’ fields that have been nominated in ‘Personal Data Management’ are set to ‘*’ on both Master Data and Transactional Data records.
  • New Authorisations for Utilities Personal Data Management.
  • Change Log now added to Activities, Checks for Payments and Service Contracts.
  • Sensitive Personal Data Access Log (Future Enhancement for UK)
  • Authorisation simplification – You can now manage temporary authorisations and quickly apply form setting defaults to a group of users.
  • Approval procedure enhancements – ensures approval is obtained every time a document is added or updated.
  • My settings support – allows the user to gain access to define their own personal preferences.
  • Import from Excel – simpler import procedures that don’t require DTW.
  • Change Log Cleanup Utility – improve performance when running upgrades by deleting old change log data.
  • Quick Copy – save time and effort when copying data between databases
  • License updates – provides users with information about their licenses and offers more security against license misuse.
Sales | Purchasing | Service
  • Return Material Agreement – Increased transparency which enables management and tracking of the returns process.
  • Gross Price Mode – supports retail businesses with streamlined gross price calculation method.
  • Price Lists – More flexible pricing per BP to increase productivity and simplify customisations.
  • Centralised CRM Module – enhanced usability and increased productivity.
  • CRM Enhancements – assign acitvities to multiple users to increase efficiency.
  • Campaign Management – greater control, visibility and analysis over campaigns.
  • Blanket Agreements – agree exchange rates, update terms and maintain better control over the purchasing process.
  • Resource Capacity – reflects the number of capacity resources a production order can consume on each working day.
  • Production Routing – ability to plan, execute and manage baskic route based production which is a significant enhancement for all businesses with a light production requirement.
Inventory | Distribution
  • Unit of Measurement (UoM) – increases warehouse efficiency as batch selection is based on the document not the inventory UoM.
  • Drop-Ship Warehouse – is now available to be chosen in a BOM of type template.
Financial Management
  • Financial scenario updates – better support for large companies which enforces best practice and auditability.
  • Cost Accounting Ledger – better management of costs to cost centres and audit trails can be maintained by departements.
  • GL Account Determination Matrix – more flexibiilty in determining account to be posted based on business critera.
  • Integrated Payment Engine – smoother, faster and more intuitive payment wizard.
  • Scheduled Batch Processing – faster processing time and the ability to schedule when payments are processed
  • Electronic File Layout Template – Flexible output files with simple print preview reports.
Project Management
  • Project Overview form – view the entire project and it’s hierarchical structure in one table.
  • Billing Document Gernation Wizard – streamlines standard billing or milestone billing process to increase efficiency.
  • Gantt Chart – more transparency, increased productivity and enhanced usability.
Business Intelligence
  • Analytical Portal – schedule, publish and share documents for Crystal Reports & MS Excel.
  • New Cockpit Templates – More flexibility to create different views for different roles with central template management and assignment.
  • Pervasive Analytics Dashboard Designer – the Time Slider function provides an overview of the whole time frame.
Platform Extensibility
  • Web-based Workflow Managment – improved performance and stability with unified configuration in the Systel Landscape Directory.
  • Company Specific Mailer Configuration – each user can have their own mail server in the SAP Business One Cloud.
  • Query Manager UI Enhancements – fast access to queries with visability of long names and folders
Lifecycle Management
  • SAP Business One Components – save time in implementation tasks and management of the company landscape.
  • Enbedded Incident Reporting – provides accurate issue descriptions for investigation.
  • Remote Support Platform 3.2 – quicker and more effective support with consistency check strategy