How will SAP Business One benefit you?

SAP Business One benefits every part of your organisation by managing all aspects of it from within a single integrated system.

It’s been developed especially for SME’s  and is currently the world’s leading ERP system in this market with over 70,000 companies using it globally.

SAP Business One will give you a clear view of all your business to make sure you stay competitive. It will streamline your processes and help you find better ways to access the information you need to make the best business decisions.

SAP Business One can help your organisation see clearly, think clearly, and act clearly. So you can close the gap between strategy and execution and become a best-run business.

SAP Business One in 60 Seconds

Managing Director

If  you’re a Managing Directors looking to achieve profitable growth, then SAP Business One benefits you by helping you to exploit different market opportunities.

Plus, it improves business performance by making it easier to collaborate, innovate and expand beyond your company boundaries.

If your goal is to:

  • Gain control over performance, improve visibility and adjust plans to maximise results
  • Have the ability to profit from market opportunities
  • Strengthen partnerships and collaboration internally and externally

SAP Business One can help you:

  • Create a performance climate so that the execution matches your plan
  • Gain control of the decision making process
  • Efficiently manage, run and adapt your business and software to changing needs
  • Ease interactions with partners, connect people and processes and streamline operations
Finance Director

The main SAP Business One benefit for finance executives, is the complete transparency and traceability it provides.

It will support growth, provide real-time business insight, lower transaction costs and optimise working capital. Plus, it also speeds up your end of month and helps to make your next audit a breeze!

If your goal is to:

  • Make sure you are always compliant both locally and in other regions
  • Harmonise, standardise and automate financial operations
  • Shorten cash cycles and enable transparency over the cash-to-cash cycle
  • Have multi-dimensional reporting

SAP Business One can help you:

  • Analyse your current position and forecast future performance
  • Run efficient, automated financial processes
  • Create timely, accurate financial reports
  • Optimise cash flow, financial structure and working capital
Production Manager

We understand that production managers are looking to meet both customer demands and management expectations.

The SAP Business One benefits come from how the software will help you manage manufacturing site execution with flexible modelling. Plus it won’t limit you to bill of materials (BOM) detail levels and organisational structures.

If your goal is to:

  • Hit delivery dates and plan raw material usage
  • Improve product and service quality
  • Improve warehouse stock visibility
  • Have a system that can deal with increases in production and growth

SAP Business One can help you:

  • Increase factory efficiency by streamlining the whole process in one system
  • Integrate warehousing and manufacturing for 100% accurate information
  • Automate tasks when creating a production order
  • Capture Shop Floor information for a complete picture of production
Supply Chain Manager

SAP Business One helps supply chain managers who are facing customer demands and management expectations.

It will helps support a range of fulfilment strategies (lean to sophisticated) and scalable process execution to ensure adaptability.

If your goal is to:

  • Provide accurate delivery dates
  • Match supply and demand
  • Calculate ideal inventory levels
  • Adapt to dynamic customer demands
  • Reduce inefficiencies to reduce manufacturing and logistics costs.

SAP Business One can help you:

  • Optimise production scheduling, warehousing and quality assurance
  • Balance material and capacity using a “pull” strategy with extended supply networks
  • Use sales forecast and supply chain information to plan daily work
  • Increase flexibility to reassign work orders, either paper-based or electronic.
Sales Team

SAP Business One helps the Sales Team to increase income and keep control.

Whether in the office or on the road you can connect to SAP Business One and have access to all the information you need. It will helps support a range of fulfilment strategies (lean to sophisticated) and scalable process execution to ensure adaptability.

If your goal is to:

  • Increase sales
  • See accurate stock levels
  • eCommerce integration
  • Manage your field salesforce

SAP Business One can help you:

  • Increase your Cross-Sell and Up-Sell opportunities by simply linking items together
  • Always have a 100% accurate view of your stock levels thorough a streamlined system providing real time data
  • Integrate your online sales straight into SAP Business One to avoid task duplication and errors
  • Provide your Sales Reps with all the information they need when on the road

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