SAP Business One for Distribution

The events of the last few years have shown us just how important it is for a business to be able to adapt to it’s environment to survive. You need to be able to serve your customers quickly – wherever they are!

So, if you’ve found it’s been a struggle to meet demand and are worried that you’ve not been able to operate as smoothly as you’d like to, then it’s time to look at why.

The key to being able to scale up your operations quickly while keeping your customers happy is automation.

With SAP B1 for Distribution from Ochiba the only action you take is to confirm the delivery via a handheld device in the warehouse. Everything else is automated so completing a transaction is completely effortless.

So you can track inventory, monitor customer demand, distribute your goods and view supplier schedules all from within a single system.

Stock Control

Mobile WMS

If you find it difficult to keep track of what’s in stock and where it is, then Ochiba OPTIONS Warehouse Management System (WMS) for SAP Business One is the answer. It will make sure you always have a 100% accurate view of your warehouse.

With Ochiba OPTIONS WMS you can simply and easily carry out stock control through barcode scanning. Then, you are taken through the WMS process by using the intuitive screens. The system has been designed to help improve inventory control and cut down training requirements in fast-moving warehouse environments.

Inventory Management

NETSTOCK is a cloud app that helps to reduce excess inventory and free up working capital while minimising stock-outs and increasing revenue.

It integrates with SAP Business One to always give you an accurate view of inventory levels and investment, produce quality forecasts and optimal replenishment recommendations.

Web Pick, Pack & Put Away

This Ochiba OPTIONS SAP Business One add on will help you to review the stock status for open orders, create replenishment requests to move stock from bulk to pick locations, and create pick lists which have stock allocated.


Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Logistics

Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Logistics add-on for SAP B1 will help your to deal with any unexpected delays while making sure you can always meet demand.

This module includes a number of features to streamline your day-to-day stock management processes. Plus, it will provide you with increased visibility and the ability to manage long lead time items.

Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links

This gives you a direct link between SAP Business One and your courier’s booking system, so you only need to enter information once. Which removes the chance for errors and speeds up the process.

Stock Forecasting

NETSTOCK is an affordable cloud app which helps you reduce excess inventory and free up working capital, while minimising stock-outs and increasing revenue.

It will instantly show you stock levels and costs, as well as recommend when stock needs buying. You’ll also be able to see what’s selling and have early warnings of any issues.

Contact us

Contact us to discover how SAP Business One for distribution will streamline your operations. With our unique add-ons you’ll see improvements in:

  • 20% in stock investment
  • 20% in inventory
  • 10% in inventory on order
  • 22% in obsolete inventory
  • 60% in purchase ordering time
  • 15% in emergency shipments
  • 20% in lower carrying costs

Achieve more than ever before with SAP B1 from Ochiba!

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