SAP B1 for Machinery Manufacture & Distribution

If you’re looking for the perfect solution for machinery manufacture and distribution, then look no further than SAP Business One. With our unique Ochiba OPTIONS add-on range, plus a selection of 3rd party products, we can create the perfect fit for your company.

We understand Contract Engineers have some of the most demanding ERP needs. Because you operate on a high value, low volume basis you test a system to the maximum.

If you’re a machinery manufacturer or resell existing equipment, your ERP system has to deal with a wide range of issues. So, whether it’s the different stages of design, build and installation, or the after-sales service which needs controlling The Ochiba OPTIONS range can help at every stage.

Firstly, it will help you quote for new products or jobs quickly and accurately. Then, it will help you with the delivery of each project. Plus, it will let you manage your field service engineers while they’re out of the office.

With SAP Business One from Ochiba you will streamline the whole process – from the initial order through to delivery and aftersales care.

What can SAP Business One for Machinery Manufacture & Distribution do?

  • Define products and validate build options with configure-to-order
  • Create flexible quotes to match your clients’ needs
  • Manage sub-contract pricing and blanket orders
  • Quote for jobs quickly
  • Define separate Estimating, Engineering and Production BOM’s
  • See full project costing, resource planning & financial control
  • Keep complete control over your project by using Milestone Billing, Retentions & Revenue Recognition
  • Use MRP for both production and purchasing with links between resource availability and material requirement dates
  • Collect shop floor data for complete job control
  • Use Engineering, Installation & Field Service functions
  • Link available resource & material with project based MRP for production and purchasing

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Production Solutions

Ochiba OPTIONS Production

The Ochiba OPTIONS Production module has been developed to enhance the ERP side of SAP Business One for manufacturers. In fact, we’ve included a number of features that just aren’t available anywhere else.

If you make or assemble products to order, then this module will give you a clear view of exactly where a job is in it’s production. It will help you plan and control every aspect to make sure you know exactly what’s been done and what still needs doing.

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Ochiba OPTIONS Configure to Order

If your company manufacturers tailored products, then Ochiba OPTIONS Configure to Order is the perfect solution. By using simple questionnaires you can pick product information to help you select the correct items needed. So you can only create valid products or systems.

All the costing and selling price calculations are worked out instantly which means you’ll save time. And it will even let you configure a complex product or system, then adjust costs, sales prices and margins to meet any requirements as you go.

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Ochiba OPTIONS Engineer to Order

Working alongside the Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Production module, Engineer to Order allows you to fully define a finished product. In fact, you can include everything right down to the parts, materials, labour, resources and tooling needed to create a multi-level BOM.

Plus, OPTIONS Engineer to Order will let you include subcontract details. And, it you need new items, the information used in the estimate will automatically create item codes and BOMs in SAP Business One. Information and BOMs are only created or updated in SAP Business One once you confirm it has become an order. All this means that items and BOMs are kept as clean as possible in SAP B1.

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AutoCAD Integration

Our AutoCAD integration provides a real-time link from your design software and SAP Business One. Which will help you save time and reduce errors by taking product component information straight from the design.

Distribution Solutions

Ochiba OPTIONS Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The Ochiba OPTIONS WMS integrates your stock information with SAP Business One. So you’ll always have a 100% accurate view of your warehouse!

You can carry out stock control through a simple wireless barcode scanner, and then easy to use screens take you through the WMS processes. Which means you’ll have much better inventory control and can also cut down on training.

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Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Logistics

The Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Logistics module will help you deal with any unexpected delays and make sure you can always meet demand. It will streamline your day-to-day stock management processes and give you 100% visibility, as well as help you to manage long lead times.

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NETSTOCK  helps you to reduce excess inventory. It frees up working capital, minimise stock-outs and increase revenue. Plus, it shows you inventory levels and investment, as well as produces quality forecasts and optimal replenishment recommendations. It will let you see inventory performance and give you an early warning if items needing attention.

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Courier Links

With the Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links, you’ll have a direct link between SAP Business One and your courier’s booking system. Because delivery information only needs to be entered once it removes the chance for errors and speeds up the delivery process.

Ochiba OPTIONS Courier Links seamlessly integrates with the UK’s main courier systems including (*new carriers added on request): Royal Mail, FedexTNT, UPS, DPD & XDP

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Project Planning

IA Project

The combination of SAP Business One and IA Project planning software gives you the perfect solution for the demanding needs of machinery manufacture project driven companies.

It enhances SAP Business One for companies who complete projects across a combination of trade, service and projects. This SAP B1 add-on includes a broad base of functionality to help you plan and cost projects in one integrated and easy to use system.

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Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Compass10 Advanced Planning & Scheduling Software

Compass10 APS Software has been created to help machinery manufacturers and distributors react quickly to unexpected changes. It helps you work out achievable production schedules faster than ever before by taking into account demand and capacity.

It helps with both long and mid-term planning by looking at available resources as well as constraints, such as tooling and materials, so you can quickly generate an accurate plan! This means, orders can be scheduled quickly but can still be changed based on the planners experience.

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Ochiba Options Enhanced MRP

The Ochiba OPTIONS Enhanced MRP SAP Business one add-on will improve the efficiency of your purchasing and production planning team thanks to:

  • Pegging Visibility – This allows you to drill-down into orders to see why they need to be raised. And, you can even trace the supply and demand for any purchase or production order
  • Rescheduling Orders – So you won’t have to raise or even duplicate, purchase orders or production orders when the order supply falls behind the due date
  • Expediting Orders  – You’ll be able to see which purchase orders and production orders are past their due date, or haven’t been taken into account by the MRP run. So, you can chase suppliers and update due dates for the next MRP run

Solutions for Field Service Engineers


Motivity is a simple, easy to use, SAP B1 add-on to help your field engineers. It provides them with all the information they need to attend and complete a job, and then they can simply return the completed job sheets from their mobile device.

With Motivity all your forms and certificates are available electronically. So you can enter data about jobs at the customer site and instantly send the information back to the office.

It enables you to capture, store and share information about a job. This means customers can sign off work there and then using a digital signature. And then you can share instantly the information with your customer.

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