SAP Business One for Wholesale and Distribution

We’ve worked closely with our customers to enhance SAP Business One for the wholesale distribution sector. And as a result we’ve created the OPTIONS add-on range of  warehouse management solutions to solve the problems they’ve faced. These SAP Business One add-ons are designed to help you trace stock and increase sales.

SAP Business One for Wholesale Distribution will help your warehouse management so you can see reductions of up to:
  • 20% in stock investment
  • 20% in inventory
  • 10% in inventory on order
  • 22% in obsolete inventory
  • 60% in purchase ordering time
  • 15% in emergency shipments
  • 20% in lower carrying costs


SAP Business One Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The Ochiba OPTIONS Warehouse Management System (WMS) SAP Business One module lets you use barcode scanners to keep track of stock. Above all, the system has been designed to help improve efficiency and cut down training requirements by using simple, intuitive screens.

With a SAP Business One Warehouse Management System (WMS) you can:
  • Generate automated pick lists
  • Transfer stock to different locations within your warehouse
  • Receipt goods and specify their location in your warehouse
  • Print labels to identify stock
  • Instantly enter a variety of different products into stock when they arrive in the same shipping container
  • Check stock levels from within SAP Business One
  • Generate cyclical or periodic stock checks
  • Return stock to the warehouse
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Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Sales Module

The Ochiba OPTIONS Extended Sales module for SAP Business One also makes life easier for wholesale distribution companies.

With this module your telesales staff can use the simple call management screens to quickly record customer calls, queries and orders.  They can also schedule customer calls, plus see any available upsell opportunities to help increase sales. Also, management will be able to analyse performance and make decisions based on real-time results.

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SAP Business One for Medical Equipment & Pharmaceutical Distribution

We understand that the UK medical sector is unique because it’s NHS driven requirements.

So, we can make sure that whatever you’re distributing or installing, the Ochiba OPTIONS range and SAP Business One will integrate your business into the NHS supply chain.

We also know how important Framework Agreements are for you. Therefore, our products have been developed to help you trade easily within these agreements. Plus, we can give you full traceability and make sure you meet compliance guidelines.

SAP Business One for medical distribution from Ochiba will:
  • Provide a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Let you record jobs simply
  • Trace a product from the quote through to delivery
  • Give you a NHS Supply chain EDI
  • Provide NHS Framework Agreement Pricing
  • The ability to offer rebates and price support
  • Give access to customer portals for self-management
  • The ability to enter a variety of products into stock when they arrive in the same shipping container
SAP Business One for Fast Moving Consumer Goods

We know that companies in the FMCG industry have to follow tough rules and regulations. Not only are you dealing with quick turnaround based on sell-by-dates, but there’s also a thin line between profit and loss. With SAP Business One and the Ochiba OPTIONS range you’ll be fully in control of all aspects of your business.

We will help you to minimise wastage and maximise efficiency, as well as giving you:
  • The option to offer extended pricing discount structures, which include value or % off deals
  • Restrictions on who can buy particular products
  • The ability to offer extensive promotional pricing discounts
  • The ability to up-sell and cross-sell products based on current or past orders
  • Order entry templates to show buying patterns
  • Price support for rebates and manufacturer price support
  • Inter-depot integration facilities
SAP Business One for Component Supply

We understand that components distributors have to deal with tight delivery schedules in complex supply chains.  You need to react quickly to customer lead changes and the impact these have in the supply chain, as well as on order delivery.

SAP Business One from Ochiba will provide you with complete traceability and manage the delivery and production of each order.

You will also be able to:
  • Manage sub-contract pricing and blanket orders
  • Offer extended pricing discount structures, including value or % off deals
  • Generate a volume order price through with the engineer-to-order calculator
  • Show buying patterns based on past orders
  • Trace orders from the initial quote to delivery at your customer
  • Have a real-time view of current prices and stock
SAP Business One for HighTech Distribution

In the fast moving world of HighTech distribution it’s essential you respond quickly to your customers needs.

We understand just how important it is to have a robust business system. You need it so you can work to your optimum, to ensure your customer are always working to theirs.

SAP Business One for Wholesale Distribution from Ochiba provides you with real-time stock information and a clear view of the whole distribution process. As a result of this, orders can be processed and delivered quicker than ever before.

The system will also provide you with the ability to:
  • Quickly check items into stock
  • View up-to-date stock prices and availability
  • Speed up the ordering process
  • Up-sell and cross-sell products based on the current or past orders
  • Drop-ship orders for 3rd parties
  • Process Credit Card payment
SAP Business One for Chemical Distribution

If your company distributes chemicals we can help you to follow the tough regulations and laws in place.

So, you’re handling hazardous goods which are banned or restricted depending on where customers are based. Then, on top of everything else you have to follow strict classifying, packaging and labelling regulations. SAP Business One and Ochiba OPTIONS gives you control over all these issues.

The system will ensure your company follows all the laws and regulations, as well as providing:
  • Discount pricing structure which can be based on value or % off
  • Restrictions on what products can be bought but which customer
  • Price support for rebates
  • Complete traceability from the initial quote to delivery
  • A real-time view of current prices and availability
  • The ability to track workflows
  • Rules to make sure you adhere to industry standards
SAP Business One for Equipment & Machinery Distribution

If your company supplies equipment or machinery you face some very unique challenges.

We understand that your products are often configurable and your customers have specific requirements that need to be met. But does your business system help you provide this easily?  Plus you may also have to plan installations or delivery and contract to service and support the equipment on an ongoing basis.

With SAP Business One from Ochiba you will streamline the whole process – from the initial order through to delivery and aftersales care.

The system enables you to:
  • Define products and validate build options with configure-to-order
  • Manage sub-contract pricing and blanket orders
  • Quote for jobs quickly
  • Define separate Estimating, Engineering and Production BOM’s
  • Have 100% accurate full shop floor data collection for real time production job control
  • Use MRP for both production and purchasing with links between resource availability and material requirement dates
  • Provide full project costing, resource planning and financial control
  • Generate Milestone Billing, Retentions and Revenue Recognition for project control
  • Make use of Engineering, Installation and Mobile Field Service capabilities
  • Use Contracts, Customer Equipment Cards, and Service call management complete the solution