SAP Business One for Workforce Management

With SAP Business One for Workforce Management you’ll have everything you need to manage your engineers and salesforce when they’re out of the office.

Every part of your business will be connected, which means everyone always has all the information they need. And you’ll always have a 100% accurate view of your operations.

However, SAP Business One doesn’t just manage your workforce. It also manages your entire product lifecycle – from sales estimating a job, through production, accounts, stores and after sales services.

And it even ensures that rules and regulations are followed so you’ll know you’re always complying with any legal requirements.

SAP Business One for Field Engineers

With SAP Business One for field engineers you can be confident that they’ll know your customers’ products inside out. Plus, you can keep track of where they are, what they’ve done and what they’ll be doing next.

Your engineers will have all the information they need to attend and complete a job. And because all your forms and certificates are available electronically, any data entered at the customer site is instantly sent back to the office. With all the job information instantly captured, stored and shared, customers can sign off work there and then. So the payment process is drastically reduced.

SAP Business one gives you the power to manage all this and stay in control:

  • You can quickly schedule work and assign jobs to engineers by mobile devices
  • Keep track a job in real-time
  • Use electronic job sheets to record information on travel time, materials and expenses
  • Stay compliant and have the resources available to meet your SLAs with custom Certification Forms
  • Reduce reporting times by creating forecasts based on similar products
  • Use workflow templates to control installation, service visits and communication with customers
  • Electronically store forms, certificates, signatures and photographic evidence
  • With instant customer sign off and billing you’ll receive payment quicker
  • Record and track serial numbers for every single product on Customer Equipment Cards
SAP Business One for Sales

Empower your sales team when they’re on the road with SAP Business One, so they save time and sell more.

With SAP Business One your salesforce will have all the information they need while they’re away from the office. With instant access to product information, customer-specific pricing and account information they can confident while on the road. Plus, they can even place orders in real-time to your SAP Business One so everyone also has 100% accurate view of sales and stock.

SAP Business one will:

  • Give access to product information
  • Provide advanced pricing options
  • Show previous orders and suggest up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Create forecasts based on similar products so you won’t spend as long generating reports
  • Customers can manage their own account through online portals to save on time

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From sales estimating a job, through production, accounts, stores and after sales service – all from within a single system.

So you’ll excel at customer service both in the office and the field.

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