Step up to the Next Level with SAP HANA

When you run a SME you need information you can trust so you can make the best decisions quickly.

SAP Business One will help you do this, and the SAP HANA platform will help you even further. SAP HANA will speed up your processing times to get your important information even quicker.

HANA speeds up planning cycles, sales and production processes and financial transactions. Plus, it will help your business stay agile so it can adapt when it needs to. It will even reduce the cost of your hardware and simplify how you report.

Why SAP Business One HANA?

SAP HANA, will revolutionise your business reporting because it quickly searches through your SAP Business One data to give you the answers you need right now. The reports that used to take days or hours to run now take only minutes, if not seconds! And even with huge amounts of data, you can still run highly complex and analyse in real time.

It also includes new analytics that deliver critical information to everyone – when and where they need it. Plus, you’ll benefit from user-friendly dashboards that are embedded in your familiar SAP Business One screens. For example, when a customer is entered into a sales order, a side panel will open to show the products they purchase most often. This means your reps can easily make recommendations at the point of sale. So, your business transactions can be completed faster than ever before while giving your customers the service they deserve.

Powerful Functionality

SAP Business One HANA, will accelerate your business processes to improve your bottom line. You can use the advanced available-to-promise (ATP) app to provide real-time visibility into your current inventory, ordered stock, replenished stock and stock being delivered. So, you can immediately reserve current stock for future delivery dates, and reschedule existing orders to ensure on-time fulfilment of your best customers.

SAP HANA, also delivers an improved cash-flow forecasting app to dramatically improve your cash balance visibility. Which will give you the ability to take cash-flow forecasting to the next level. With it you’ll be able to track sales orders, POs, down payments, recurrent postings, and other critical cash-related transactions.

Benefits of SAP Business One HANA

SAP HANA, will give you high-speed analysis of all your business information to get the answers you need right away. You’ll be able to analyse everything from product categories to resource planning for batch manufacturing. And the information is available for analysis the second it’s completed with the data transfered straight away into SAP Business One.

Reduced costs

Plus SAP HANA, can lower your costs by enabling your IT department to be more efficient, and by reducing the time taken by traditional reporting and analytics tools. Best of all, the application scales as your business grows, to give your even greater value from your initial investment.

Core Functionality

SAP HANA will give you lots of new tools to help your run faster than ever before! You get all of the existing functionality in SAP Business One but you will also enjoy features including:

  • Embedded analytics in transaction screens
  • Predefined calculation-intensive reports
  • Predefined dashboards
  • Freestyle enterprise search capabilities
  • Interactive, ad-hoc analysis in Excel

And you can even access SAP Business One from your mobile. You’ll be able to use exclusive tools design to help your sales reps on the road.

HANA v SQL database

The main difference is that HANA uses its own database, while traditional SAP Business One uses Microsoft SQL.

The main differences between the two are:

  • SAP HANA has a 64-bit processor for faster transactional and analytical information
  • Pre-packed business logic for faster software development and deployment with SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA runs on a certified SUSE Linux server

If your SAP Business One runs on a SQL database then the analytics are licensed separately. However, when your SAP Business One is powered by SAP HANA all analytic functions are included, which means you don’t need a separate license.