SAP Business One for Manufacturing ERP

If you’re looking for the perfect solutions to keep your manufacturing company operating to the optimum, then look no futher than SAP Business One manufacturing ERP and the Ochiba OPTIONS add-on range.

Whatever industry you operate in, we’re confident that we can offer you a market leading solution. Our unique add-ons will help you whether you use configure-to-order, engineer-to-order and engineer-from-order practices, or are maybe more contract or project based.

Furthermore, we can also offer SAP Business One add-ons to manage after-sales servicing. Visit the Workforce Management page to find out more.

We know that the manufacturing world is changing faster than ever before. So, keep ahead of the competition with SAP Business One and Ochiba OPTIONS.

SAP Business One for the Aerospace Industry

We’ve worked closely with our customers in the Aerospace industry to solve the unique issues they face. As a result, we can help you deal with strict compliance regulations while working to tight delivery deadlines in complex supply chains. Plus, you’ll have the traceability and quality management certification you need.

Our unique range of SAP Business One add-ons will allow you to:
  • Create engineer-to-order quotes based on product and batch sizes
  • Quote for new products with full costings – without needing to create new parts and BOMs in SAP B1
  • Produce compliance documents
  • Have complete traceability throughout the supply chain for each order
  • Control over sub-contractors
  • Collect shop floor data which includes ontime, materials, rejects and concessions
  • Access EDI and Web Portals to deal directly with customers and suppliers
SAP Business One for the Automotive Industry

If you’re struggling to keep up with the ever changing procedures in the Automotive industry we can help your stay on top. Firstly, you have the pressure of working to strict compliance guidelines. But you also need the flexibility to react quickly to customer lead changes in the schedule and deal with it’s impact on the supply chain.

Ochiba have helped our customers solve all these manufacturing ERP problems. We’ve worked with companies throughout tier 1, 2 or 3, as well as, trailers, mobile homes and vehicle convertors manufactures. And, we’ve even developed a solutions for Jaguar Land Rover to track parts throughout the supply chain.

Our unique software add-ons for SAP Business One will help you:
  • Define complex configure-to-order products and ensure they have valid build options
  • Automatically generate fully traceable VIN numbers
  • Control orders for sales and purchasing
  • Use EDI and Web Portals to deal directly with customers and suppliers
  • Have complete stock visibility through Wireless Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Label stock for control and tracking
  • Create build schedules based on available time slots
  • Maintain Product Lifecycle Management
SAP Business One for Component Manufacturing

We understand how important it is for component manufacturers to react quickly to changes in the supply chain. Furthermore, you have the added pressures of compliance and traceability. The Ochiba OPTIONS add-ons can solve these issues, as well as, quickly and accurately quote for new products or jobs.

SAP Business One and the Ochiba OPTIONS range allow you to:
  • Create quotes quickly
  • Use EDI and Web Portals to deal directly with customers and suppliers
  • Use WMS for a 100% real time accurate view of your stock
  • Accurately label stock for tracking
  • Create build schedules based on available time slots
  • Maintain Product Lifecycle Management
  • Control orders for sales and purchasing
  • Provide full project management including costing, resource planning and financial control
  • Collect shop floor data for production job control
  • Have complete traceability through the supply chain for each order
SAP Business One for Contract Engineering

Contract Engineers have some of the most demanding manufacturing ERP needs. Because you operate on a high value, low volume basis you test a system to the maximum.

So, whether you make equipment and machinery, or provide industrial fabrication, your manufacturing ERP system has to deal with different stages of design, build and installation. Plus, there’s often the added complication of after-sales services to be taken into account.

The Ochiba OPTIONS range can help at every stage. Firstly, it will help you quote for new products or jobs quickly and accurately. Then, it will help you manage the delivery of each project. As well as, manage your field service engineers while they’re out of the office.

With SAP Business One and the Ochiba OPTIONS range you’ll be able to:
  • Create flexible quotes to match your clients’ needs
  • Quote for jobs quickly
  • Define separate Estimating, Engineering and Production BOM’s
  • See full project costing, resource planning & financial control
  • Have complete control over your project by using Milestone Billing, Retentions & Revenue Recognition
  • Collect shop floor data for complete job control
  • Use Engineering, Installation & Field Service functions
  • Link available resource & material with project based MRP for production and purchasing
SAP Business One for HighTech Manufacturing

The HighTech industry needs to deal with tight deadlines, quick turnaround and traceability. So, our unique solutions have been designed to help you deal with this issues. Plus you’ll be able to stick to strict quality management throughout the manufacturing process.

The Ochiba OPTIONS range gives you the ability to quote for new products or jobs quickly, and then manage the delivery of each project.

We’ve enhanced SAP Business One so you can:
  • Use configure-to-order screens to make sure only valid goods are built
  • Be in control over orders for sales and purchasing
  • Have a real-time view of your stock
  • Manage stock with barcode labelling
  • Quote for jobs quickly and accurately
  • Create separate Estimating, Engineering and Production BOM’s
  • Keep an eye on project costs with resource planning and financial control
  • Collect shop floor data for job control
  • See project based MRP for both production and purchasing
  • Link MRP to available resources and materials
  • Generate compliance documents
  • Trace each product through the supply chain
  • Deal directly with customers and suppliers by EDI and Web Portals
SAP Business One for Medical Devices & Pharmaceutical

We understand that the UK medical and pharma industry has to follow NHS guidelines and work within Framework Agreements. So, our solutions are designed to help achieve this. Plus they will give you full traceability and while meeting compliance guidelines.

So, whether you’re manufacturing and installing medical equipment or providing products, the Ochiba OPTIONS range and SAP Business One will integrate your business into the supply chain.

The Ochiba medical supply solution will give you:
  • A pricing model that supports framework agreements
  • Portal integration to keep your pricing up to date
  • Hard stock and back order allocation
  • Complete delivery route planning
  • Mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS) with product labeling
  • Shop floor data collection
  • Sub-contract management
  • EDI integration to supply chain partners
SAP Business One for Process Manufacturing

We understand that process manufacturing companies need more from their manufacturing ERP system. So this is why we’ve partnered with CompuTec to bring you the market leading ProcessForce solution.

ProcessForce will allow you to trace every single item and process on your production line. So you’ll be fully auditable! You can see every activity in user-friendly, graphs and charts. Firthermore they’re generated in real-time so you know exactly where you currently are financially.

All this will make life easier for your staff and control risk better than ever before with features including:

  • Product costing
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing orders
  • Full batch control & traceability
  • Quality control
  • Compliant management
  • Product routing
  • Bill of Materials
  • Ingredient declaration
  • Product data management
  • Production process management