SAP Business One Sales App

The SAP Business One Sales mobile app is designed to help your business stay connected, whether people are on the road or not. This mobile app allows you to gain access to all the relevant business information you require to be more productive whilst out of the office.

With the Sales mobile app, you can access SAP Business One from anywhere and at any time. The SAP Business One mobile app lets managers, executives, sales people and service technicians stay informed about their business, view reports, manage contacts and handle sales plus service activities.

Key features of the SAP Business One mobile App

Manage day-to-day activies

  • View appointments and activities in a calendar
  • Set up document folders and link related documents
  • Check-in, remote worker safety feature

View KPIs and sales reports

  • Top 5 customers
  • Top 5 best-selling items
  • Orders and pipeline value

Manage sales opportunities

  • Create new sales opportunities
  • Update lead status
  • View sales leads by industry or activity days

Manage customer accounts

  • Create a new customer account
  • Sort customers by order value, frequency, or account balance
  • Attach documents or special pricing to an account

Stock Levels

  • Search and view stock inventory
  • View unit price and quantity
  • View quantity of an item by warehouse location

Manage Orders

  • Search for, create and cancel sales orders
  • Update an existing sales order or quote
  • Sort related documents by number, name or delivery date

Lose the laptop. Set the sales team free