April 18, 2017

SAP Business One saves Accountant time and money

SAP Business One saves time and time is money – for one Accountant it simply adds up!

It’s the user friendly interface and traceability which makes Lynn Jones, an Accountant from Codel, value SAP Business One above other systems.

Lynn has been working for the small but busy manufacturing company for over a year. After going through her first audit for Codel she thanks SAP Business One for making it the smoothest audit she’s been involved with.

“The system is so easy to use and enabled me to gather all the information I needed much quicker!”

“I’ve never had an audit that has been so efficient, I’ve worked with other systems before but SAP Business One really is a breath of fresh air. The ability to find documents for an audit. Plus the ease in which you can trace which document goes with which order and payment is fantastic. The way the modules are all set up makes navigation easy. As an accountant its time saving adds up for me.

Find what you need simply and easily

“I particularly like how SAP Business One links between systems and documents. It’s so easy to have multiple documents open at once.”

Codel have been a customer of Ochiba Business Solutions for seven years. Ochiba are SAP Business One experts, who provide software implementation and after sales service and support.

“While Codel have been long term customers of Ochiba, both the company and the software are new to me. I have to say I am impressed. The team are great. They are an extremely helpful company to work with. SAP Business One is a fantastic system and does so much more than any of the other systems I’ve worked with. Ochiba’s online service portal for logging requests is such a handy tool. And the Ochiba team are so quick to respond.

“For me, another handy benefit of SAP Business One is that is allows you to set levels of authorisation. So you can ensure that people can only see and alter the areas of the system and data they have been given clearance to access.

“I’ve already recommended SAP Business One and Ochiba to other accountants via the Association of Accounting Technicians. I’m more than happy to recommend the system again. As an accountant, any system that takes the pain away is invaluable,” added Lynn.

If you interested in finding out how SAP Business One software can help your business contact Ochiba on 0114 299 9430.