SAP Customer Checkout

SAP Customer Checkout is a simple point of sale system for SME’s that integrates perfectly with SAP Business One.

It provides you with an overview of all sales information. So, you can take cash and card payments, plus transactions and invoicing. SAP Customer Checkout is versatile and connects directly to inventory control systems so you’ll always have accurate real-time information.

This means that when an item arrives in stock it can go on sale immediately to prevent bottlenecks. And, because you can evaluate your data instantly you’ll always know exactly how much to order and which products are most profitable.

Why SAP Customer Checkout?

It simplifies sales by giving you all the information you need. Customers can pay in cash, with standard debit and credit cards or vouchers – either at stationary cash registers or via hand-held devices. Plus, special offers like discounts, loyalty cards and apps are easy to apply.

You can also personalise your sales system as it will recognise customers by their customer number or by QR codes.

Then at the end of the day, you’ll have a detailed overview of the balance of cash, card payments and vouchers. Any discrepancies are easy to detect, investigate and trace.

It helps you with:

  • Merchandise sales and returns
  • Cashing up and daily accounts
  • Discount and voucher management
  • Payment with cash, cards and vouchers
  • Integration of customer orders (down payments, invoices)
  • Loyalty management

SAP Customer Checkout can be installed on all standard cash register infrastructures and is optimised for use with SAP Business One.

You have access to data anytime and anywhere. So even if your internet connection goes down, your employees can continue working normally. The invoice data is saved and sent to SAP Business One as soon as you’re connected again.

The benefits:

  • Simple installation
  • Automatic updates
  • Supplementary plug-ins for special requirements