Shop Floor Data Collection

Managing work on the shop floor is the next challenge following the production planning and release of work.  This simple to use Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) system for SAP Business One will is the only tool that will ensure that your plans are accurate.  Planning is great, but it is only as good as that data used to feed the plan.  Real time data collection against your operations will ensure that they are.

This easy to use, big button (touchscreen) interface, will allow shop floor operatives to work from a defined work to pre-defined plans and record actual progress against each operation. They can start, stop, pause, and complete operations and these will be immediately visible against the production plan.

It is also possible for a single operative to start multiple operations with their time being accurately proportioned between the operations. Conversely multiple people can start a single operation with the same time allocation taking place.  This leads to valuable feedback for management that can then feed the future planning cycles.

Quality and Non-Conformance requests (NCR’s) can be raised by operatives and escalated to supervisors automatically.

The benefits of SFDC include:

  • Real time progress tracking and identification of bottlenecks
  • More accurate product costings due to planned time refinement and actual production costs
  • More accurate production planning
  • Feedback of issues via NCR’s to Engineering for continual product improvement
  • Productivity / Performance analysis helping manage shop floor operatives
  • Visibility for customer services is greatly improved and reliable dates can be given
  • Access to drawings and detailed information in a paperless environment

Why choose SAP Business One?

Brandon James, Managing Director, Brian James Trailers Ltd

“We chose SAP Business One because we wanted flexible product configuration, integrated with our sales and manufacturing, along with the ability to build and manage an efficient and effective dealer network.”

Steve Graves, Director, Austin Hayes Ltd

“The Ochiba team worked closely with us and really took the time to understand our operators wants and needs. They invested time in listening to us which really paid off and meant they delivered a fantastic solution.”

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