SAP Business One 10.0

We are pleased to announce the release of SAP Business One 10.0.

This latest version includes over 30 new enhancements across the system including a new Web Client,  features to help with Brexit, Office 365 integration and interactive Gantt Charts.

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Web Client for SAP Business One
  • The Web Client* is based on SAP Fiori design principles encapsulating SAP Business One core processes and business logic alongside an advanced user experience
  • Focused on creation, processing and updating of Sales Quotations,Sales Orders, A/R Deliveries, and A/R Invoices (PL01)
  • Supports creation and update of Items, Business Partners, and Activities
  • The Web Client provides some sophisticated analytic charting capabilities
  • For optimized user experience launch the Web Client in either a desktop computer or tablet, using the Google Chrome or Firefox web browser. The Web Client can also be launched directly from the regular SAP Business One desktop application
SAP Business One 10.0 Usability

New Skin Style – Belize Deep

  • The new skin style “Belize Deep” is added to SAP Business One 10.0, version for SAP HANA for a more modern and fresh look and feel.
  • It will offer a more harmonised user-experience for those who work with both SAP Business One and the Web

Enhanced User Interface

  • The new icon and menu options under the View menu means you can show or hide the toolbar
  • Information about s current company and the logged-on user is displayed clearly
  • Switching between company databases and users is one-click away

Alignment of Form Behaviour

  • You can resize and maximise forms to avoid scrolling in busy forms

User Name in License & Add-on Administration

  • A new column for displaying the User Name gives you enhanced clarity and transparency for accurate license allocation and add-on administration
SAP Business One 10.0 Administration

Support Expiration Date

  • The information Support Expiration Date is shown in the About SAP Business One window to provide all the necessary information in one screen

Enhancements in Document Printing

  • The enriched selection criteria for document printing enables you to optimise batch printing
  • So you’ll have increased usability and productivity especially when printing a high number of documents

Referenced Document Enghancements

  • You are now able to reference documents in Checks For Payment, Purchase Request, Goods Receipt & Issue, Inventory Transfer Request, and Inventory Transfer
  • The extended coverage of referenced documents across SAP Business One modules gives you better visibility

Support Attachments Tab in Additional Objects

  • The Attachments Tab is now available in:
    • Inventory Opening Balance,  Counting & Posting
    • Incoming & Outgoing Payments
    • Check for Payments & Deposits
    • Journal Entry
    • Production Order
    • Time Sheet

Field Length Increase

  • Customer Group Name and Supplier Group Name may contain up to 100 characters for more flexibility for the values entered

Enhancements in Approval Process

  • The approvers can update draft document in Pending status to reduce unnecessary back and forth between authoriser and originator
  • The simplified approval procedures offer more flexibility

Tab-Level Authorisations in Master Data Records

  • Different authorisations can be granted to different tabs in Business Partner Master Data and Item Master Data for more accurate authorisations based on tasks and responsibilities
  • If a user has no authorisation this tab will be automatically hidden to help reduce errors and increase data protection

Drill Down to G/L Account in Financial Reports

  • Golden arrows give direct access to account details and account balance of relevant accounts to increase usability and transparency
  • Balance Sheet , Trial Balance and Profit and Loss Statement are streamlined with standard system behavior

Posting Periods Enhancements

  • A new checkbox added to the Posting Periods window enables to define the default “ Due Date To ” to be set when creating new posting periods
  • Enhanced usability of the Posting Periods table, highly significant for businesses with long list of posting periods

Extend Journal Entry Remarks to 254 Characters

  • The Remarks field in Journal Entry is extended and may contain up to 254 characters to allow for more detailed information related to the journal entry
SAP Business One 10.0 Sales, Purchasing & Service

Backorder Report Enhancements

  • All A/R Reserve Invoices are now visible within the Backorder Report

Printing Service Calls & Contracts

  • Print Preferences are now available for both Service Calls and Service Contracts
  • Bulk processing of service calls and service contracts

Hide Blank Lines in Addresses

  • A new checkbox within the Address Formats Setup window means you can hide empty address lines for enhanced formatting of the printed, previewed, or PDF document
  • This makes it easier to read within marketing document forms, especially when address format consists of multiple components

Add Button Extended in Marketing Documents

  • The Add button in sales and purchase document creation is enhanced for more flexibility in document creation and better handling for users

Enhanced Open Items List Report

  • The Open Items List report includes more document information for easier handling due to more document options and information in one report
SAP Business One 10.0 Project Management

Interactive Gantt Chart

  • Interactive Gantt Charts allows projects to be  updated easily
  • New fields added representing Project Due Date and Finish Date make visual planning of Project Management Tasks easier
SAP Business One 10.0 Inventory & Distribution

Serial & Batch Numbers Management

  • Serial Number Management and Batch Management now includes the ability to update on A/R Reserve Invoices and Inventory Transfer Requests
  • Destination Warehouse Code and Destination Warehouse Name are now included in the Serial Number / Batch Management Update form
  • There’s better reporting on warehouse code on warehouse name on inventory transfer transactions

Support Changing UoM Group in Item Master Data

  • Unit of Measure Groups may now be changed on an Item Master Data record for more flexibility and control
SAP Business One 10.0 Production

Bill of Materials (BoM) Description Enhancements

  • The Item Description is now updated in the item master data connected to Bill of Materials parent item to reflect the Bill of Materials Product Description
  • The item and resource descriptions are editable in Bill of Materials and Production Order Components. Additionally, the Item Description can be updated via DI API

Drill Down from MoM to Item Master Data

  • Direct “drill down” to Item Master Data record is now possible from the Parent Item Number for more intuitive and direct navigation between Bill of Materials and Item Master Data
SAP Business One 10.0 Platform & Extensibility

Service Layer Enabled for Microsoft SQL Server

  • Built on core protocols such as HTTP and OData it’s highly scalable (parallel processing) and has high availability (load balancing) ready for loosely coupled extensibility running for MSSQL and HANA

Service Layer Configuration UI

  • There’s a new System Landscape Directory URL for Service Layer configuration so there’s no need to edit multiple configuration files

Formatted Search Supports Multiple Triggers

  • User Define Values support multiple triggers to give possibilities and flexibility when implementing formatted searches/user defined values

Extend UDF Support to Additional Objects

  • User Defined Fields can be added to more SAP Business One 10.0 objects to give more customisation

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

  • Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive integration allows for document layouts, grid results and reports to be exported into Excel and Word accordingly
  • SAP Business One 10.0 Template Management allows for more flexibility in reporting and document layouts management

64-bit Only Support

  • SAP Business One will support only 64bit Windows operating system

Gatekeeper (Browser Access) Service

  • SAP Business One Client UI is rendered and published via gatekeeper service over the HTTPS protocol for easy access with no need for a local client